Physicist Michio Kaku Predicts Robotic Dr. Teddy Bear And Human Spare Parts In Future Hospitals [Opinion]

Professor Michio Kaku recently made some predictions about the future of technology. Sometimes called “today’s Einstein,” Professor Katu is a leading theoretical physicist who has a delightful way with words. Michio is the perfect liaison between the scientific community and the public.

Co-founder of string theory, Michio Kaku has defined the universe as musical in nature, with each particle representing a note on the strings that make up the universe. Michio’s beautifully phrased analogy of declaring each person is a song is an inspirational concept. Read more about the musical universe of Michio Kaku on the Inquisitr.

Michio Kaku had a lot of interesting things to say about the future, including the future of medicine according to the website of renowned marketing and technology speaker Richard Van Hooijdonk.

Professor Michio Kaku predicts that future hospitals will be able to make human spare parts. Medical technology will be able to take a healthy human cell from the patient’s body and create new body parts for them. In that way, Professor Kaku says hospitals will become like auto body shops.

According to Michio Kaku, creating human spare parts and just using the hospital for installation could improve the quality and length of life for many. Even cancer could be treated by removing the offending part and replacing it with a brand new one, according to Michio Kaku.

Michio Kaku explains these developments are not far off since 3D bioprinters are already able to print living tissues. Professor Kaku also believes this technology could be used to repair human body tissues.

Robo-docs will have a significant role in patient care according to Michio Kaku. Already robot nurses are being used in Japan to lift and move patients from their wheelchairs and tuck them safely into bed.

Professor Michio Kaku says in the video above that Japan is developing robot nurses. These nurses will not be intelligent but would be able to perform basic physical tasks to assist patients. Michio Kaku explains why Japan needs robotic nurses.

“Why is Japan spending so much time on these robots. Well, let me tell you a secret. Japan’s population is the fastest aging population on earth. They have very few young people. They have a lot of old people. These are future robot Nurses. That is why Japan is spending so much money building robots. That is the future of nursing, not the future of human intelligence.”

Michio Kaku also discusses teddy bear shaped robotic doctors currently being used in U.S. children’s hospitals. The robotic teddy bears haven’t actually gotten their medical degrees yet, nor could they at this point, but as of now, these teddy bears can recognize faces and respond to human commands. AI is being developed that can recognize human emotions as well.

Huggable, a robotic teddy bear currently works at Boston Children’s hospital, but he is considered a social robot, and according to the New York Times, little more than a puppet.

“The device, essentially a high-tech puppet, can talk and play with patients with the aid of a remote operator.”

When will Robo-doc teddy bears become smart enough to diagnose illness, prescribe medication, or change out spare parts in humans? Professor Michio Kaku seems to think that part will take a while.

Michio Kaku string theory theoretical physicist
Michio Kaku string theory theoretical physicist [Image by Sam Aronov/Shutterstock]

Professor Michio Kaku differs from Elon Musk on the time table for technological singularity. The technological singularity is when robots become smarter than humans. While many scientists and physicists believe robots will be smarter than humans by 2029, Michio Kaku disagrees, saying robots might be as smart as monkeys perhaps by the end of the century.

Michio Kaku says that by the end of the century, robots might be able to create their own goals and formulate plans to accomplish them, but will not meet or exceed human consciousness for over a century.


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Michio Kaku has many predictions about the future in the video above.

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