Melania Given Weird Jowls In Wax Statue Next To Donald Trump In Thumbs-Up Pose? [Opinion]

Melania Trump's wax statue has exaggerated jowls

First lady Melania Trump is beautiful, which is not an observation many would argue over. A new likeness of Melania created into a wax statue has a bit of exaggeration going on when it comes to the first lady’s jowls. The artist seems to have captured Melania around the eyes, nose, and even her smile, but the excess flesh seen in ripples on her jowl line is not very becoming and not at all what you see when Melania smiles.

Both President Trump and the first lady Melania are done up in life-size wax statues for the wax museum, Museo de Cera de Madrid, in Spain. President Trump’s statue was already at the museum and the statue of Melania was added this week.

ABC News calls the statue of the first lady, “Melania Trump’s doppelganger.” The image of Melania Trump in wax was recreated from the way she looked at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland in 2016.

The statue of the first lady was unveiled to commemorate the one-year anniversary of that convention on Thursday of this week. That event last year was the night that Melania gave a “rousing speech,” suggests ABC News. Melania Trump’s statue was placed next to her husband’s statue, which has been at the museum for a while now.

Back on the Fourth of July, the museum tweeted a picture of the artist working on Melania Trump’s statue. You can see Melania’s wax head without any hair applied yet in the tweet below.

According to ABC, the above tweet came from the museum in Madrid to promote the statue, which was in the works for this week’s unveiling. According to Starts At 60, while some folks like the look of the statue, there are others who are calling the statue “terrifying.” Many don’t think it has captured Melania’s beauty and some are calling the image “lifeless” and “pale.”

The picture below is one of Melania smiling, and while she has natural smile lines, the wax statue has given her creases that go deep into her face with excess flesh bubbling up in ripples from her cheek bone down to her jowl line. The first lady’s hairline looks a bit high on her forehead. Melania’s hair looks “flat” and “faded,” which were the comments quoted by Starts at 60.

Melania Trump in wax statue given exaggerated jowls?

Others online have requested the statue of Melania be “redone,” as it doesn’t capture her true beauty. This is not the first time a wax statue of a first lady has caused some controversy. The wax statue created for Madame Tussauds of Michelle Obama also came with many critiques from the masses saying similar things that you are hearing about Melania’s statue today. You can see Barack and Michelle Obama in wax statue form in the picture below.

Michelle and Barack Obama in Wax Statue Form

Donald Trump’s image was captured with his tan, and his hair is done according to color, but the thumbs-up sign looks a bit like a hitchhiking pose rather than the thumbs up that one would assume it was meant to be. The wax statues don’t have Melania and Donald Trump connected in any way. Not so much physical, but they look like two separate entities. If they had this pose on the side of the road and you didn’t know them, they could easily look like a couple of strangers waiting for a bus and completely unaware of each other.

[Featured Image by Carolyn Kaster/AP Images]