A Doctor Doom Movie Is Coming Soon: Thanks, Marvel, We Can All Go Home Now [Opinion]

Miracles do happen and the world is not doomed after all — at least, not in the comics universe. The word on the street — via Comic-Con — claims that Marvel is gearing up for a Doctor Doom movie.

True story: Just weeks ago, while talking to other comic book junkies at my favorite coffee watering hole, I raised the possibility of Marvel and 20th Century Fox bringing a standalone movie to the big screen featuring Doctor Doom. Others chuckled and suggested I’d get better gratification by watching paint dry.

Still, I shrugged off the naysayers — even if it is a Herculean effort to weave Victor Von Doom into future Marvel lineups without upstaging “Avengers” or stealing recent box office thunder Spider-Man and Iron Man.

Lo and behold, a Doctor Doom film is in the works, this according to a Variety report. As a lowly, diminutive fan, I don’t take credit for the latest news, but it’s music to my ears.

Noah Hawley, the creative mind behind FX’s Fargo and Legion, dropped the bombshell announcement at the conclusion of a Comic-Con panel on Thursday. He only offered a nugget, but it was enough to get Doom’s fans’ blood bubbling.

“I’ll just say two words. The first one is Doctor and the next one is Doom.”

Although Doctor Doom has been unceremoniously injected into the Marvel mix, like Star Wars‘ Darth Vader, he’s one of the most recognized villains within the Marvel catalog of “bad” guys.

The charismatic and brilliant sorcerer, like Vader, hides a disfigured face and dons a pretty cool cloak. In the first two Fantastic Four installments, actor Julian McMahon starred as Doom. Toby Kebbell had the misfortune to play the character in the third release.

I’m sure the powers-that-be had big plans to cement Marvel’s First Family to the silver screen in the movie last reboot. Nonetheless, the genre mashing was flat-footed and the character development was surely a misfire from all angles.

Let’s face it; a movie featuring Doctor Doom — if done the right way — “could” likely redeem the Fantastic Four franchise that experienced a recent hiccup of epic proportions. Who can forget Josh Trank’s “Rise of the Silver Surfer” debacle in 2015?


Without sugar coating things, Toby Kebbell (as Victor Domashev) did little justice to Doctor Doom’s menacing, yet eloquent persona. Arguably, not even Michael B. Jordan had enough bravado to save the movie from inevitable life support in the wake of “before” and “after” reviews.

Aargh, it was brutal, and Rotten Tomatoes agrees, based on its 9 percent TOMATOMETER score. For crying out loud, not even Stan Lee made a classic cameo in box office snafu.

With that out of the way, the pragmatist in me remains optimistic that a Doctor Doom movie can right the ship even if the protagonists are not Reed Richards and his Fantastic Four family.

First, the folks at Fox are riding high on the successes of Logan and Deadpool. While Hugh Jackman ended his run as Wolverine, Ryan Reynolds is returning for a future Deadpool sequel.

Second, Noah Hawley is a bankable investment. His successes with Legion, and Fargo — the former just recently got the green light for a second season in 2018 — are nothing to dismiss.

If the current trend remains intact, a “Doom” movie will be just what the doctor ordered (pun intended) until — drumroll — an “Incredible Hulk” flick rears its green and ghoulish face. Okay, it’s a stretch, but I can’t help but dream about the possibilities.

To me, a Doctor Doom movie is Marvel and Fox’s attempt at getting things right, despite shallow acting and running afoul of the script at times in the past.

Let’s just say I’m cautiously optimistic.

[Featured Image by Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images for Wizard World]