Netflix’s ‘Bright’ Movie Trailer Starring Will Smith Revealed: Is It The Next Blockbuster? [Opinion]

Netflix’s popularity has given it the golden ticket to devise an impeccable plan of success. Besides the many popular TV series that viewers have been glued to, there have been a number of flicks as well. However, none can be compared to star Will Smith’s upcoming Netflix movie, Bright.

The online content-streaming company unveiled the first full-length trailer for the upcoming movie, which was helmed by none other than the director of Suicide Squad, David Ayer. The new trailer, revealed at the 2017 San Diego Comic-Con a day ago, has already built up the hype just like Ayer’s previous movie did. Regardless of the trailer’s brilliance, there is still skepticism in the minds of many who wonder if the film can possibly live up to the trailer.

For the ones who have not seen the trailer yet, Bright is an upcoming fantasy-action thriller that takes place in an advanced world where humans and magical creatures live together. A few scenes in the trailer reveal how these magical creatures, which include elves and orcs, face discrimination due to their dissimilarities.

The Bright movie trailer further showed that Smith plays the role of an LAPD officer named Scott Ward, who works alongside an orc partner named Nick Jakoby (played by Joel Edgerton). The trailer shows the audience that Jakoby is one of the first orcs selected as a law enforcer. We see in the trailer that the two start to get along after they set out to find a very powerful magic wand that everyone is looking for. The rest of the trailer showcases various scenes that blend together action, emotion, and humor.

Netflix’s Bright may actually have what it takes to be the very first blockbuster featured on the online-streaming app. The moment I saw the trailer, I felt sudden urge to watch it completely. No doubt the first thing I noticed about the trailer was the addition of Will Smith. There are surely many Smith fans out there who would love to watch him in Bright.

Netflix logo buffering on screen.

What’s surprising is that Netflix grabbed the opportunity to produce the film when companies like MGM and Warner Bros. were not willing to finance it. As reported by Deadline, besides Warner Bros. and MGM’s combined budget of $50 million, Kevin Frakes of PalmStar gave a final budget of $60 million. Netflix took the movie under its wing with a production budget of $90 million.

Will Smith and Joel Edgerton at San Diego's Comic Con

I would personally want it to be a Netflix series rather than a movie. However, maybe they can deliver what we want to see. Netflix has made a few big-budget films before, such as Brad Pitt’s War Machine, but everyone knows how that turned out. Moreover, director David Ayer also needs to prove to critics and audiences that he has what it takes to make a powerful, commercially successful movie.

Bright starring Will Smith hits Netflix on December 22, 2017.

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