No Pet Store Puppies Day — Help The ASPCA Create Puppy Mill Dangers Awareness [Opinion]

July 21 is No Pet Store Puppies Day. It’s a time to create awareness regarding the dangers of puppy mills, and you can help the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) spread the word. Puppy mills are known for using harmful practices that cause dogs emotional and sometimes physical problems. As a result, puppies bought from puppy mills aren’t the best pets available to bring into the home. By creating awareness and refusing to buy dogs from puppy mills, you can ensure that the puppy you bring into your home will have plenty of love to give.

It is always best to buy a puppy from a home breeder where you can inspect the premises and make certain the puppies parents are well taken care of. Puppy mill dogs tend to be less socialized, housed in less than perfect conditions, and sometimes suffer neglect and abuse. If you can’t buy a puppy from a home breeder, consider rescuing a puppy or adopting a dog from a shelter. There are many dogs that have been abandoned and are in need of a forever home. Puppy mills put profit over a dog’s best interest and as a result, everyone suffers.

Because profits are placed above the welfare of dogs, puppy mills are often overcrowded. There may be inadequate supplies of food and water for each dog. Dogs and puppies may be deficient in veterinarian care and treatment as well. It’s often common for dogs to be overbred to the point that females get no break in between litters. Back-to-back breeding is detrimental to the overall health of dogs and when they are overbred, they do not have the energy needed to properly care for their puppies.

Those who want to join the ASPCA in their fight against puppy mills may want to head over to the website No Pet Store Puppies where you can learn how to create awareness. The ASPCA provides free resources, information, and educational tools for those against puppy mills. You can share stories, videos, and infographics today with the hashtag #nopuppymills or #puppymills.

Are you going to join the fight against puppy mills today? Check out the resources below.

[Featured Image by Chirtsova Natalia/Shutterstock]