Gemma Collins Viral In Huge Shoulder Pads: Orange Is The New Linebacker? [Opinion]

The Only Way Is Essex star Gemma Collins stepped out in an orange dress with shoulder pads that dwarfed those worn by the football players in the NFL. When Collins showed up in public seemingly proud and confident in this outfit, she caused jaws to drop as camera shutters clicked in unison.

Gemma Collins’ photos have gone viral online today as she donned an outfit that is sure to top all the worst dress lists for 2017. People have taken plenty of liberties with Photoshop to offer up a football helmet for Collins to top off one of the most unflattering outfits this side of the goal post.

Social media is having a field day with her photos, with many people suggesting that Collins is in dire need of some new friends. The question many are asking today is who actually let her go out in that outfit without telling her the truth about how she really looked?

According to the Sun, Gemma Collins “sent the internet into viral overdrive” after stepping out to the ITV summer party wearing a dress that could actually stop traffic. As the Sun points out, Gemma always looks “glam,” but it’s apparent by the comments online that something occurred in her dressing room that doesn’t ordinarily happen to the well-put-together reality star. Gemma put on an outfit that brought the online world together to see the football player in Collins emerging.

Gemma Collins attends the National Television Awards.
[Image by Ian Gavan/Getty Images]

When a celebrity is photographed in an unflattering outfit, it is often just one bad angle that goes viral, then when the other photos are seen, it doesn’t look that bad. This is not the case with Gemma in her orange throwback to the 1980s with padded shoulders. She’s a beautiful woman, as people online have pointed out, but why would she dress in an outfit that made her look like she belonged at the NFL tryouts?

Many people online pointed the finger at her friends, with comments that ranged from her fans telling her to “get some new mates asap” to Gemma was in “dire need of a friend,” one who will tell her what she really looks like before going out in public.

From Instagram to Twitter to Facebook and beyond, Gemma was pictured with football helmets on her head and carrying a football in place of her clutch purse in Photoshopped versions of her pictures that folks posted online.

According to Entertainment Daily, Gemma posted a full-length picture of herself in this dress on Instagram and compared herself to Lady Gaga. Gemma wrote, “Rocking my inner Lady GAGA tonight???????? @gerdatruubon xxx.”

It didn’t take long for folks online to enlighten Gemma to the reality that she missed her mark, the one where she attempted to rock her inner Lady Gaga.

One fan answered her comment on “rocking” that dress, writing, “Sorry but that dress is awful! Doesn’t do you any favors at all. Makes you look like you’re playing the part of the wardrobe in Beauty & the Beast. You are so much better than this.”

No stone was unturned when ripping this dress apart across the internet. This is one dress Gemma might want to make disappear from her wardrobe.

Another fan wrote, “@missgemcollins oi what’s this you signed for the Denver Broncos?”. (Sorry, Gemma!).”

There were plenty of references to Adam Sandler in the movie Water Boy. The majority of the references to the British beauty’s dress were to “American football” players and the game. Someone took the full-length picture that Gemma posted of herself and turned it sideways. They then posted a goldfish, the same size as her, next to her picture to point out the resemblance.

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