The Los Angeles Dodgers And Their Historical Season [Opinion]

When you hear stories about baseball, many of them center around teams like the Yankees and the Red Sox, but what about the Los Angeles Dodgers. They have kept their heads down and played themselves to the top of Major League Baseball. They lead the league with a record of 66-29, which is the best in the majors. They are on track to win more games than any other National League team in the last 111 years behind a group of players racking up the stats.

On Wednesday night, the Dodgers ousted the Chicago White Sox to bank their 11th straight win, bringing their total to 31 wins out of the last 35 games. Leading up to, and coming out of, the All-Star break the Dodgers are the team to chase and beat for the entire league. The Dodgers have leaned on an extremely reliable bullpen and the summation of the play of individual players.

The Los Angeles Dodgers have given their fans something to be really excited for this season, and for seasons to come. There were six All-Stars that represented the National League from the Dodgers roster; Clayton Kershaw, Kenley Jansen, Corey Seager, Cody Bellinger, Justin Turner, and Alex Wood. This is the first time since 1991 that the Dodgers have sent that many players to the All Star Game.

Los Angeles Dodgers star pitcher Clayton Kershaw gets ready to throw the ball.

The Dodgers are playing great team and individual baseball; their young rookie and reliable bullpen are a testament to that fact.

The Dodger bullpen is the most reliable bullpen in baseball. Behind Clayton Kershaw, their pitching staff is one of the top, if not the top, staff in the majors. The Dodgers lead the league in ERA with a 3.12, this being a great judge of their reliability. Due to the exceptional depth, it allows their bullpen to, also, be well rested and always ready to throw the heat. Kershaw has added to his hall of fame-like numbers.

Kershaw is ranked all time in a couple of different categories. His statistics lend to the first ballot hall of fame argument, and his careers is no where near over. He is 23rd all time in ERA with a 2.35 lifetime and second all time in WHIP with a.998. If he continues on this pace, he could solidify his place as one of the greats.

Then you throw in the young rookie, Cody Bellinger, and you have a dangerous combination. Bellinger was called up three weeks into the season, and his stats don’t reflect that. He is tied for fifth in home runs. He was also named NL Rookie of the Month for May and June, and NL Player of the week twice.

Everyone talks about Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton because they have big bats, but they will be clawing their way into the playoffs. Without wins, what good is a Home Run Derby title?

[Feature Image by David Banks/Getty Images]