Rage At ‘Muslim’ Police Officer Mohamed Noor, Justine Damond’s ‘Killer Cop’: His Blue Life Matters? [Opinion]

Imagine this: You are a police officer creeping into a dark alley with your squad car’s headlights turned off, responding to a call of an alleged assailant potentially sexually assaulting someone. You don’t want to alert the assaulter of your presence. For some reason, you and your partner do not turn on your body cameras, perhaps so focused on what you might believe are gunshots going off. As heard in the below audio dispatch from the night that Minneapolis police officer Mohamed Noor fatally shot Justine Damond, those fireworks — or whatever noise was heard — even confused seasoned officers for a moment. From the dark of the night, out potentially steps a figure from behind a wall, with reportedly an object in her hand, which could have been the cell phone that Damond may have used to contact police for help, as reported by the Inquisitr.

Like a split-second decision that needs to be made during police training exercises, you don’t delay and give Damond the benefit of the doubt — you shoot to kill. Like Philando Castile wasn’t given the benefit of the doubt. Nor 30-year-old Charleena Lyles. Nor Terence Crutcher. Not even a 13-year-old boy with a BB gun. There’s the Zachary Hammond shooting video and others.

But typing the name Noor or Mohamed Noor into social media brings up heinous things the Minneapolis police officer is being called. Noor, a Somali-American, is being called a “Muslim rat” by those who likely haven’t taken to Google to first research his religious beliefs.

WND calls Noor a “killer cop” who was a “diversity hire.” Folks who might normally hashtag it with #BlueLivesMatter next to a cop’s name and begin to sympathize with the difficult job of a police officer in making split-second life or death decisions are curiously silent when it comes to defending Noor.

Instead, a cursory scroll through social media brings up theories about Muslim infiltration and Muslims not mixing well with people who “belong” or are born in the U.S.

Claims that the media doesn’t care about Justine because she was a white woman who hailed from Sydney, Australia, have filled timelines. Pamela Geller’s website uses “Muslim migrant shooting” in the URL and “Jihad in America” in the video text.

Noor’s complaints against him are being highlighted this time, instead of folks digging into the background of the victim, as was done with Trayvon Martin, as reported by the Root.

The sad death of Justine seems exacerbated by the fact that Noor hasn’t given an interview, as reported by WCCO.

And yet, typing Noor’s name into Facebook results in plenty of mentions of “Muslim” preceding Noor’s name, with rants about “Muslim demons” and the like, along with folks quipping that they might as well get Officer Noor’s cell ready — because unlike other “killer cops” who’ve been able to escape prosecution, people theorize this is one blue life that might end up behind bars.

[Featured Image by City of Minneapolis/AP Images]