Netflix Movies: ‘Win It All’ Features Oscar-Worthy Performances And A Charming Story [Opinion]

One of the newest original Netflix movies, Win it All, has been winning over the critics. If you like movies like St. Vincent and Everything Must Go, then this Netflix original is for you. Directed by Joe Swanberg (All the Light in the Sky), this comedy-drama stars Jake Johnson (Jurassic World), Aislinn Derbez (Compadres), Joe Lo Truglio (Wet Hot American Summer), and Keegan-Michael Key (Teacher of the Year). Swanberg and Johnson co-wrote this Netflix film, and this is the third movie the duo has created together (Drinking Buddies, Digging for Fire).

The Plot

Jake Johnson plays Eddie Garrett, a gambling addict who has a knack for deluding himself. Eddie’s acquaintance, Michael, is headed to prison for six months and he asks Eddie to watch his duffel bag. In return, Michael will give Eddie $10,000 once he gets out of prison. After a night of drinking, Eddie decides to take a peek in the duffel bag and discovers a ridiculously large amount of cash. Garrett gives into temptation and decides to take $500 to gamble with, and he eventually loses over $20,000 of the money.

With six months to make the money back, he decides to turn this into a positive; Eddie takes the advice of his sponsor (Key) and returns to an addiction support group, his brother (Truglio) brings him on-board in the family landscaping business, and he focuses on forming a relationship with his love interest (Derbez). But as luck would have it, Michael is getting out much sooner than he thought. Eddie only has two options: flee town, or figure out a way to get the money back.

Win it All is one of the best Netflix movies

Stunning Performances Across The Board

Critics and audiences alike have been raving about this witty story, and it is a must-watch for Netflix subscribers. With an impressive score of 92 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, Win it All is one of the best of original movies on Netflix. The film is brilliantly shot with a special indie-feel that Swanberg consistently creates. Jake Johnson masterfully portrays a complexity of emotions and delivers a stand-out, and perhaps career-making, performance.

Per his usual, Keegan-Michael Key delivers at a very high level and provides numerous laugh-out-loud moments as Gene. Gene is not only a voice of reason in Eddie’s life, but he also says things to Eddie (with brutal honesty) that the audience is most likely thinking. Brilliantly walking the line between protective brother and cool brother, Joe Lo Truglio delivers a radiant performance as Ron. Out of all his movies, this is Truglio’s best work. Aislinn Derbez is charming as Eva, and plays the character with a poise and cleverness that most performers can’t pull off.

Win it All is one of the best Netflix movies

Because of good character depth and phenomenal on-screen chemistry between all the performers, viewers can naturally relate to the characters and story. This is the comedy-drama of the year; Swanberg, Johnson, Truglio, Derbez, and Key all deserve award nominations for their respective roles in creating this Netflix gem.


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With stand-out performances, superb writing, and bright direction, Win it All is one of the most refreshing movies on Netflix.

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