Lil Wayne Lyrics, Weezyana 3, And Club Touring: How Tunechi Is Redefining His Career After Birdman [Opinion]

Lil Wayne continues to have a career in a difficult internet market that has left many musicians behind. However, despite having problems with accessing his previously made fortune due to drama with Cash Money Records and Birdman, Lil Wayne is still soaring higher than ever.

It is well-known that Lil Wayne has unique talent as a musician that translates well in his career as a performer and rapper. In fact, his genius with words may be the single tool he needed to fly past the hindrances created by Birdman and Cash Money Records leaving him in the dust.

While other musicians need a team of songwriters, producers, and tour management to give the fans what they need, Lil Wayne has shown everyone that he can do it all by himself and without the cash Birdman owes him.

Interestingly, this poor relationship with Birdman has caused Lil Wayne to redefine his career at a time when many musicians are struggling to figure out how to make money on the internet while paying off their music label.

Currently, there are headlines from Hollywood Reporter that state the Lil Wayne and Birdman drama is far from over because he now feels Universal Music and Cash Money Records colluded together to screw him out of millions of dollars.

Regardless, Lil Wayne’s talent is his main asset, and he has used that to take his career in his own hands and overcome barriers in the current music market that musicians from a previous generation may not have figured out.

In other words, at a time that the internet made it impossible for musicians to afford a management team and commit to an expensive tour with extreme insurance requirements, Lil Wayne broke up with the constraints associated with a record label and ultimately changed the way he did business as a rapper.

 Lil Wayne Weezyana Fest 3 New Orleans.

Adding to this, as previously reported by the Inquisitr, Lil Wayne and Birdman may have started their departure because Birdman could not figure out how to help Lil Wayne make money with the new standards set by the internet.

With or without a record label, Lil Wayne is an out-of-the-box musical genius in unique ways that set him apart from other rappers. Namely, according to the fan blog, Lil Wayne HQ, Tunechi has stated in interviews that he is rare because he makes up most of his lyrics the same day he records them, does not write them down, and he often only needs to record one time.

These aspects of his music genius make Lil Wayne a dynamic performer, and he has used this to push back on the blow back from issues with Birdman and Cash Money Records. Since December 2014, when Lil Wayne officially announced he was on the outs with Birdman, Lil Wayne has continued to show up for fans — but not in the way he did in the past.

Instead of putting a focus on letting the record label arrange a full tour, Lil Wayne started his own club appearances and playing charity event concerts at college campuses. Lil Wayne also started headlining at festivals starting in 2015, and now has his own annual Lil Weezyana Fest each August.

Although rumors like the recent one stating Lil Wayne has only one month to live will always crop up and be declared as false by Snopes, the single threat out there for fans is that Lil Wayne will follow through with his promise to retire when he turns 35 on September 27, 2017.

 Lil Wayne might release

On the other hand, it is also clear that Lil Wayne is thriving in the new post-record label career he defined for himself since 2014, and there are critics at Vice that believe Lil Wayne is making new lyrics that are taking his music career in the next direction.

It is likely that Lil Wayne will continue to meet and greet fans in club appearances and festivals for the near future, and no official tour has been planned. For example LA Times recently reported that Lil Wayne was added to the Paid Dues festival that will take place on September 16 and 17.

It is also likely Lil Wayne will not be retiring soon because he keeps releasing new music at his usual rapid pace. According to Rolling Stone, Lil Wayne released four new “surprise” songs in July.

Lil Wayne’s Lil Weezyana Fest 3 will take place in New Orleans, Louisiana, on August 25 at Bold Sphere Music at Champions Square.

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