Woman Creates Chocolate Cheese Toast — Twitter Users So Outraged, One Man Called The Cops [Opinion]

Women love chocolate and there’s no question that many would agree chocolate makes everything taste better. One London woman took things a bit too far when she shared photos of her newest culinary concoction: chocolate cheese toast. In fact, Twitter user Houda caused disgust with her chocolate and cheese combo that one man was so outraged he reported her to the police, according to the Daily Mail. The user contacted police via Twitter and it appears no one thought the matter was serious enough to investigate. You can see the tweets below.

Though chocolate and cheese make a very popular fondue, many people simply didn’t find Houda’s recipe appealing. Maybe it was the photos she shared or the way she presented her dish. Whatever the reason, the responses and remarks to her original Twitter post were harsh. Houda may have called her creation amazing, but many on Twitter chose adjectives such as gross and disgusting — with some going so far as to call it a criminal offense. If you look through the original Twitter post and replies, you’ll even see news agencies contacting her about the post. The story has gone viral and has been reported on by several news outlets.

In addition to tagging Scotland police, other users hashtagged Chef Gordon Ramsay to get his opinion. So far, Chef Ramsay hasn’t responded to the chocolate cheese toast, but we can guess what his opinion would be. Other users compared the creation to pineapple pizza, and many said they love pineapple and love pizza but do not like the two together. The responses are filled with memes, GIFs, and people who want Houda to know they aren’t amazed by her creation but are instead repulsed.

What do you think about Houda’s chocolate cheese toast? Do you think it looks amazing? Would you eat it? Or do you share the same repulsion expressed by many Twitter users? This isn’t Houda’s first venture into unusual chocolate creations, as she has shared additional photos of some interesting and even bizarre food combinations. Check out Houda’s experiment with Doritos and M&Ms below.

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[Featured Image by Evgeny Tomeev/Shutterstock]