Shark Awareness Day — Ways To Celebrate The Endangered Fish [Opinion]

July 14 is Shark Awareness Day. It’s time to remove the fear and negative stigma associated with these massive predatory fish that rule the oceans worldwide. Shark Awareness Day is always celebrated on July 14 and usually comes before the Discovery Channel airs their much-anticipated, summer programming Shark Week. According to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), there are more than 400 shark species and several of these are classified as endangered. Overfishing and demand for shark products such as fins have resulted in a significant decrease in wild shark populations. Shark Awareness Day helps the public understand the plight sharks face in the wild.

Many aquariums will hold special events in honor of Shark Awareness Day. If you’re looking for a local way to educate and inspire the next generation regarding the importance of shark conservation, consider checking with your local aquarium for events and activities. If you can’t visit an aquarium, you might want to check out the California Academy of Science’s live shark exhibit. You may watch sharks via the live cam that streams from their lagoon. You can keep the learning going through Shark Week that begins on July 23, 2017, by watching the live shark feedings that take place Tuesdays and Thursdays at 1:30 p.m. PT/4:30 p.m ET.

Those who want to learn more about sharks on Shark Awareness Day may want to head over to the Smithsonian Ocean Portal where they have a wonderful shark site. You’ll find in-depth information on all things pertaining to sharks, including current conservation efforts. There are many lesson plans that can easily be adapted for children who are spending the summer off of school. With a little creativity, you can turn Shark Awareness Day and Shark Week into a learning experience that will help children develop respect and understanding of these fierce, yet vulnerable fish.

The site OCEARCH provides live tracking of shark sightings across the globe. The sharks being tracked are marked on an interactive map that includes a bit of information about each shark. OCEARCH is a great tool that you can use with kids to learn more about sharks on Shark Awareness Day.

Are you going to celebrate Shark Awareness Day? Will you go to an aquarium, watch sharks live via cam, or learn more about sharks by reading books and visiting websites? Feel free to leave your comments, thoughts, and opinions below.

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