National Macaroni And Cheese Day — Ways To Celebrate [Opinion]

July 14 is National Macaroni and Cheese Day and it’s time to celebrate the pasta dish Americans have come to love. With a history dating back to the 14th century, macaroni and cheese is a time-trusted dish that is easy to prepare and delicious. One of the comfort food staples, macaroni and cheese combine pasta with cheese (typically cheddar) baked into a casserole dish. Other ingredients may be added, such as ham, onions, or vegetables and variations on the basic recipe are plenty. This National Macaroni and Cheese Day you may find multiple ways to celebrate including baking your own mac and cheese from scratch, enjoying macaroni and cheese at your favorite restaurant or donating macaroni and cheese to nearby food pantries as a way to combat hunger in your local community.

Those in Massachusetts and New Hampshire will find a unique spin on National Macaroni and Cheese Day by the restaurant Noodles and Company. Those who visit one of the New England branches with a non-perishable food item to donate will receive a coupon for a free bowl of their Wisconsin Mac and Cheese signature dish. The restaurant Noodles and Company is running the promotion from July 14-July 19.

A new report by Forbes indicates that people may want to skip the boxed macaroni and cheese and use one of the many tried and trusted recipes to bake macaroni and cheese from scratch in order to celebrate this popular food holiday. According to Forbes, dangerous chemicals have been detected in several brands of prepared macaroni and cheese. The report indicates that phthalates were discovered in the powdered cheese many brands of macaroni and cheese use.

If you want to celebrate National Macaroni and Cheese Day consider whipping up your own casserole using fresh ingredients that are free from phthalates or any possibly harmful ingredients.

Do you have a favorite macaroni and cheese recipe or is there a restaurant that makes the best mac and cheese you ever had? There are other ways to celebrate in addition to eating and baking macaroni and cheese. If you have any mac and cheese themed clothing or accessories, today is your day to wear them proudly. How will you celebrate National Macaroni and Cheese Day?

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[Featured Image by MSPhotographic/Shutterstock]