International Nude Day Is Here – Are You Going To Celebrate Body Positivity? [Opinion]

July 14 is International Nude Day and it’s more than a day where people worldwide get naked. Also known as simply Nude Day, or Worldwide Nude Day, the observance is a time where people celebrate the human body they were born with. It’s a time to recognize that fat shaming is detrimental to a person’s well-being and in order to be truly comfortable within your skin, you must begin with body positivity. International Nude Day can be celebrated in many ways, and those who want to keep their clothes on can also celebrate by increasing their body positivity.

International Nude Day started in New Zealand and has since spread across the globe. Those who adhere to a nudist lifestyle will find plenty of activities and events to join in. Keep in mind that each state determines their own nudity laws, so make sure you understand the guidelines for public nudity in your area. Likewise, those outside the United States are encouraged to be respectful of laws when participating in events for International Nude Day. If public nudity is banned in your area, consider celebrating the holiday in your home or designated and appropriate areas.

Though International Nude Day is primarily a day for nudists to celebrate their lifestyle, it’s a day that can be appreciated by everyone. Many people deal with issues of shame when it comes to their body’s appearance and this can make them feel uncomfortable in their own skin. On International Nude Day, stop and think about your body and identify any issues that you are self-conscious about. If you aren’t a nudist or don’t want to celebrate the human form in all its glory by going to a nudist beach or resort, try standing in front of your mirror naked. Now when you see your reflection and begin to criticize yourself stop. This is a time to embrace yourself and speak to yourself positively. Instead of saying negative things about yourself, replace them with positive, affirming words. You don’t need to be around other people to celebrate International Nude Day. Learning to love your own body is one of the best ways you can honor this holiday.

Are you going to celebrate International Nude Day? If so, how are you going to celebrate? Please leave your thoughts, comments, and opinions below.

[Featured Image by Markus Mainka/Shutterstock]