Is Kate Gosselin Pretending To Be A Doting Mother? Her Children Are Allegedly ‘Prisoners’ [Opinion]

God bless Kate Gosselin, mother of eight and still — somehow — a reality star polluting our screens with the “struggles” of being a single mother while raking in beaucoup money. Now, as continues her Mother of the Year campaign, she (or her publicist) put out a fluff story about how many cupcakes she had to bake when the octuplets recently celebrated their birthday (hashtag #TheStruggleisReal), but on the same day that the fluff piece was put out, another story was leaked to the press talking about how her children are “prisoners” thanks to her crazy rules.

People Magazine first posted the puff (pastry?) piece on Kate Gosselin, wherein she talked about the “stress” of making cupcakes with eight children under foot.

“‘The busy mother explains how simple things — like baking cupcakes — can quickly become stressful for a family comprised of 13-year-old sextuplets and 16-year-old twins. All I remember about making cupcakes is that it was a loud mess,’ Gosselin, 42, told cameras. ‘There was a ton of people in the kitchen — too many, probably. Kids were yelling at kids for doing a horrible job. It was just crazy.’”

But while that story seems sweet, on the same day it was dropped, another — much more damning — story dropped as well.

In Touch Weekly talked to Jon Gosselin — Kate Gosselin’s ex-husband who is also the father of the octuplets — and he accused his ex-wife of keeping their children as prisoners in their own home. What’s more, Jon said that he regrets some of the choices he made as a result of being a “reality star,” and he isn’t sold on the fact that his children are still in the spotlight.

“‘I wouldn’t be here today if I would have made different choices. Who knows who I would have met?’ he told In Touch when asked if he has any regrets about his life. ‘I guess doing TV was the best and worst decision I made. There is good and bad with every decision.’”

We’ll recall that, in the past, Kate Gosselin came under fire for the way she treated her son, Collin, who was sent to a “special needs” facility in Pennsylvania to help him deal with his “anger issues.” And while that, on its own, isn’t a bad thing, many fans took her to task because of the fact that the facility she put him in had a questionable reputation.

Throughout the time she’s been famous, too, Kate Gosselin has been taken to task by fans who have questioned her skills, overall, as a mother. Many fans believe that she’s been abusive (and this is an allegation Jon has made in the past, as well, through the divorce proceedings), but no charges have ever been filed against her.

This sounds like Jon is still bitter that Kate Gosselin divorced him and that he’s no longer a “superstar.”

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[Featured Image by Andy Kropa/Getty Images]