‘Days Of Our Lives’ Fan Insults Lauren Koslow, Daughter Gives Epic And Classy Response [Opinion]

Days Of Our Lives fans know Kate Roberts well. She is a veteran character on the NBC soap opera and is portrayed by Lauren Koslow. Recently, the actress shared a picture of her daughter, Emilia Katarina, who is also known as Millikate, who was holding an old photograph of the actress. The resemblance was amazing and fans couldn’t help but call them twins. However, one person decided to comment on Koslow’s appearance and in the rudest way, made the assumption she had plastic surgery. This led to Lauren’s daughter to set the record straight and gave the internet a lesson in how people should treat others. She did it in the most epic and classy way.

When someone is in the public eye, they tend to get used to negative comments. It seems like nearly every celebrity has been accused of plastic surgery at one time or another. If they look good for their age, the public accuses them of having work done. If they dare to show a wrinkle, comments about “bad plastic surgery” are thrown around. No matter what, it seems like people just can’t win.

Actors, musicians, and other celebrities are used to this and have learned to ignore the trolls. It can be more difficult when loved ones have to read through the nasty comments. Most of the time, they stay silent. However, Lauren Koslow’s daughter wanted viewers to know that their negative assumptions about her mom were incorrect, rude, and unnecessary.

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In the comments section on SoapHub, a user named Diane Karan made the first negative comment about Koslow’s appearance.

“They do look alike but Lauren must have had a bad nose job cause that is not the same nose. I think she went a little Michael Jackson on her plastic surgery. Should have left it alone…”

There were a few replies, some equally as rude and one that commented that Lauren looks very pretty these days. One of the replies was from a user saying she was Koslow’s daughter, Emilia.

“Hi, this is Lauren’s daughter. Thank you for your kind words, but my mom hasn’t had any work done. Maybe also think twice about picking apart a complete stranger’s appearance. It’s a little rude. Have a lovely evening!!! xoxo”

Another comment seemed to make fun of the name Millikate. Someone researched it online and claimed Koslow’s daughter’s name is actually Emilia Katari. Millikate (who registered using only one “L” in her name) replied on this thread as well to make it clear that her real name is actually Emilia Katarina.

Then, a commenter named Debbie suggested that Lauren’s daughter not make the same beauty “mistakes” as the Days Of Our Lives actress.

“That photo Lauren’s daughter is holding up looks noting [sic] like Lauren today. How much plastic surgery has that woman had? I hope her daughter doesn’t feel the need to repeat her mother’s cosmetic mistakes.”

Emilia responded and let the world know that she is proud to be Lauren Koslow’s daughter.

“Hi! This is Lauren’s daughter. First of all, my mom hasn’t had any work done. Second of all, maybe think twice before you pick apart a complete stranger’s appearance, I don’t think you’d like it done to you. Thirdly, I would be proud to repeat any ‘mistakes’ my mom made that created the amazing person she is today. Bless your heart!! xoxo”

Emilia’s responses were epic and classy. It would be easy to understand if she lost her temper, but she didn’t. Lauren should be proud to have such a strong daughter that sticks up for her mom and reminds fans to think before speaking (or in this case, typing). People need to remember that celebrities are human beings, just like us.

While many actors do have plastic surgery, changes in appearances are normal as one ages. I look nothing like I did when I was 20 and neither does my husband. Aging, health, and a broken nose gradually changed my appearance over the years. Looking back at Koslow’s photos through the decades, she has no “sudden” change in her face. It was all very gradual, which indicates that it is the result of growing older, not having work done. Even if she did go under the knife, it really isn’t anyone’s business.

Nothing justifies making insulting remarks about someone’s appearance, especially when those commenters are not brave enough to show their own faces online.

What do you think of Emilia responding to assumptions that Lauren Koslow had plastic surgery? Do you think Days Of Our Lives fans went too far with their negative comments?

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