Clinton’s Daughter Chelsea Egged On Trump Before Trump’s ‘Chelsea For Pres’ Tweet [Opinion]

Before Chelsea Clinton was mentioned in a tweet by Trump this week and before she poked back via a tweet of her own, Chelsea appears to have the need for some reason to keep Trump in her scopes. No one is sure what prompted the only offspring of Hillary and Bill Clinton to take a swipe at Trump on Sunday when she posted a tweet about the president. Last week, she was mocking another Trump move via Twitter.

Chelsea asked, “Does anyone else think President Trump might benefit from reading Aesop’s Fables? The Cat, The Rooster & The Mouse? The Eagle and The Arrow?”

It seems as if this went over the heads of many, as Aeops’s Fables are not popular reading material these days. It would stand to reason that Chelsea, much like her mother, has a hard time relating to the average person in this nation.

Newsweek’s headline said, “Chelsea Clinton: Donald Trump should read about morals, pride and poor judgment in Aesop’s Fables.”

Even before she suggested Trump read up on morals, Chelsea came off as rather indignant on Friday when she tweeted a quote from NBC News editor Bradd Jaffy and added a flippant remark.

Jaffy wrote, “The Trump-Putin meeting is taking place at the same time the other world leaders are discussing climate change.”

Chelsea quoted Jaffy and added, “Oh. Of course.”

The fables that Chelsea so intellectually cited are stories that come from the sixth century, but they’ve been brought alive for modern-day reading pleasure through translation.

The folklore claims these fables were written by a slave who was deformed, Aesop, who hailed from Samos, a Greek Island. They’ve been around a very long time, as these fables were quoted by both Plato and Aristotle.

Each story offers a lesson in morals, like “The Cat, the Rooster, and the Young Mouse.” This story is told from the mouse’s point of view, who happened to go out in the world on his own for the first time. He comes back and tells his mother about what he encountered in the big world outside their door, starting with a cat. The mouse saw this animal as a thing of beauty. He then told his mother that he saw a rooster, or “bird,” and tells his mother that was one “terrible looking monster.”

The moral of the story comes from the mother mouse who tells her young mouse, “My dear, that horrible creature was a harmless bird, but that beautiful animal with the fluffy fur was a mouse-eating cat. You are lucky she did not have you for dinner.”

The mother mouse tells her offspring why he shouldn’t judge on appearances.

“The Cat, the Rooster, and the Young Mouse” story sounds like a newer version of “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” or “A wolf in sheep’s clothing.” The stories told by Aesop have morals, including, “We often give our enemies the means for our own destruction,” which is what The Eagle and the Arrow story conveys after an eagle is killed by an arrow made with eagle feathers.

Trump either didn’t notice Chelsea winding up her pitch in these tweets or he just never thought it was worth mentioning; he didn’t respond to Chelsea’s Twitter poke. Trump used Chelsea’s name for an example while trying to prove a point about all the criticism over Ivanka Trump sitting in her father’s seat at the G20 Summit. Ivanka was basically a seat filler for a few minutes when her father needed to leave the room during a G20 meeting, and he hasn’t heard the end of it. Attempting to prove a point, the president used Chelsea Clinton as an example a tweet, which is seen below.

It wasn’t derogatory, and it wasn’t really about Chelsea as much as it was about how accepting people are of anything done by the Clintons. As discussed in a previous Inquisitr article, Trump tweeted that if Chelsea Clinton had sat in the seat for her parent, then the media would be saying “Chelsea for pres!” Many agree with Trump across social media.

This tweet gave Chelsea an opening to get her Trump poking campaign back on the road.

She tweeted, “Good morning Mr. President. It would never have occurred to my mother or my father to ask me. Were you giving our country away? Hoping not.”

Hillary has kept pretty much to herself these days, so maybe Chelsea feels the need to carry on where her mother left off when it comes to Trump.

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