Does Bravo Need To Have A ‘Southern Charm Savannah’ Reunion? [Opinion]

As of right now, there is no Southern Charm Savannah reunion in the works, and Bravo fans are divided on whether the network is making the right move for the newest installment in the new Southern Charm franchise by not having a reunion of any sort when a third installment is in the works.

In the first year of the original show, Southern Charm (and Vanderpump Rules), Andy Cohen had their reunions in the WWHL clubhouse as a very low-key event, but Southern Charm Savannah has not been offered even that. Sure, the reception to Southern Charm Savannah was lukewarm, but Southern Charm New Orleans is in the bullpen and it’s best to set a precedent. And remember the original Southern Charm wasn’t a hit right out of the gate.

Southern Charm producer Whitney Sudler-Smith has his hands full with the expansion of the Southern Charm franchise, and maybe he made a mistake with Southern Charm Savannah by choosing a cast mostly made up of people who have known each other forever, and fans couldn’t relate to their old baggage. It’s possible that a recast and revamp can save the series, but it will be a wait-and-see kind of thing. Next up is Southern Charm New Orleans, with the city serving as one of the cast members, and fans seem to be more optimistic about the NOLA prospects for success.

Bravo fans are torn as to whether Southern Charm Savannah needs a reunion, and opinions have been all over the place. Some fans of the original Southern Charm say that they “stuck it out” through the Savannah series and now want answers. Fans seem to want answers to three big questions, including happened to Lyle and Catherine’s relationship after the failed proposal, what is going on with Ashley’s marriage, and how Hannah reacted after hearing what her drunk dad said to Louis in the club. I must say that I hate loose ends, so I am on board with a Savannah reunion.

On Twitter, most fans were up for a Southern Charm reunion and were reaching out to Savannah cast members to see what’s up.

“That #SouthernCharmSavannah finale was underwhelming, to say the least…there better be a reunion!”

And even people who claim to hate the cast are pro-reunion.

“As much as I detest #SouthernCharmSavannah, I need a reunion to find out about Cat, Lyle & her cheating.”

Many fans either reached out to Andy Cohen after cast members told fans that he is the final word in terms of greenlighting a Southern Charm Savannah reunion show.

And frankly, Southern Charm Savannah has not been a media darling, and the last two episodes had many of us watching through our fingers while cringing. Even jaded fans secretly love a happy ending, and it was pretty clear that Lyle is all out of happy endings. Add to that the utter mortification first suffered by Louis at the hands of Hannah’s dad while drunk, and later (hopefully before the episode aired), Hannah who had to see her father tell the world he never loved Hannah’s mother.

Liz Farrell of the Island Packet might have said it best when writing her episode recap of the football tailgate party. Farrell called it the “most uncomfortable and voyeuristic episode of a Bravo show I have ever seen,” and I can see her point. Liz suggested a quick note that Hannah could send to her dad.

“Dear Dad: Thank you for that time you drunkenly told America that you never loved my mother and for the time you said it again because once wasn’t enough!”


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Bravo fans on Facebook also had mixed feelings, but they leaned more toward understanding why Andy Cohen has not given his blessing for a Southern Charm Savannah reunion. Some claimed that the show never caught their interests, and so a no was okay.

“I’m good without one. It was a terrible season 1. I have no unanswered questions because none of the storylines were interesting.”

But others do have nagging questions.

“How did Nelson handle the backlash of using [an] inappropriate word on tv? The convo between Louis and his Gf dad when she saw it how did it affect all the relationships.”

The general consensus seems to be that if Andy Cohen and Bravo decide to wrap up Southern Charm Savannah Season 1, it could be easily done in the newly revamped Bravo clubhouse where Andy Cohen films WWHL.

Andy Cohen, many of those who watched the whole season of Southern Charm Savannah would like closure.

What are your thoughts? Do you think Southern Charm Savannah should get a reunion?

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