Brad Pitt Turns To Art And Seeks Out Friends Bradley Cooper, Johnny Depp, And Thomas Houseago [Opinion]

Brad Pitt has taken time out recently to hang out with friends like Bradley Cooper and Johnny Depp as well as his artistic mentor Thomas Houseago, the sculptor. Pitt turned to Thomas back in April, when alone and hounded by the press following his split with Angelina Jolie, Brad started taking refuge in Houseago’s studio where he worked 15 hours a day on sculpture, according to Artnet News.

Brad Pitt met up with Bradley Cooper, Johnny Depp and thousands of music enthusiasts at the Glastonbury festival a couple of weeks ago. Brad stood alongside Johnny Depp and Bradley Cooper to watch Kris Kristofferson perform.

Johnny Depp took the stage to accompany Mr. Kristofferson on guitar for a few songs, and for a brief moment, Pitt was captured by a camera and flashed on the huge screens around the stage. The audience at Glastonbury went wild. Imagine seeing Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt at the same time. For more on Johnny Depp’s performance with Kris Kristofferson, see this from the Inquisitr.

Brad Pitt reportedly sought out Bradley Cooper to get advice about staying sober. Radar Online is reporting that Bradley Cooper has been sober for years and is supportive of Brad’s sobriety. It’s not easy to stay sober in Hollywood, nor would one think it would be easy at Glastonbury, but Bradley Cooper and Brad Pitt reportedly managed the feat, according to Radar Online.

Brad Pitt returned to Thomas Houseago’s studio after Glastonbury, where he was reportedly spotted on July 4, according to Us Weekly. It is apparent from the photos taken on July 4, as well as another reported sighting of Pitt on July 6, by Just Jarred that he has been working out, or perhaps sculpture is just really good exercise.

Brad Pitt reportedly meet with friends outside Thomas Houseago’s art studio to drink coffee and relax a bit before Brad returned to his work. Pitt has long been a patron of the arts, but now he’s become an artist. He’s reportedly learning a lot from Houseago.

Like Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt has invested heavily in various artworks over the years, according to Artnet News. While married to Angelina Jolie, the couple had purchased art worth at least $25 million.

Brad Pitt owns paintings by Marcel Dzama, Banksy, Ed Ruscha, Richard Serra, and Neo Rauch. Ed Ruscha’s “Metro Mattress,” a series of drawings featuring old mattresses positioned to look like a Los Angeles urban landscape, is a favorite, according to Artnet News.

Bradley Cooper at Glastonbury 2017

Johnny Depp reportedly owns some Andy Warhol paintings as well as many other artist works Depp selected. Johnny Depp is an avid collector as is Brad Pitt. Warhol is certainly an artist who has stood the test of time, and his work remains iconic. Johnny Depp’s investment in Warhol seems wise.

Thomas Houseago is a neighbor to Brad Pitt, and the two have been friends for many years. Now Houseago is the perfect sculpting instructor for Brad, who learned to use focus on his work to keep his mind away from his sorrow over his painful divorce from Angelina Jolie.

Johnny Depp usually turns to music to relax, being a formidable guitarist. It is good that Pitt has found an outlet for his creativity as well.

Brad Pitt is looking a lot like his old self lately, having regained a lot of muscle mass of late. He had become very thin this spring, but now his biceps are bulging, and he looks very fit in a clingy tee shirt.

Johnny Depp of Hollywood Vampires attends party in London


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Brad Pitt is networking with his friends like Johnny Depp, Bradly Cooper, and Thomas Houseago who remain supportive.

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