Brad Paisley Songs, Midland’s ‘Drinkin’ Problem’ And Bob Kingsley Boost Joe Abeyta: A Rising Star [Opinion]

Brad Paisley has achieved great success in his music career. Paisley, a child prodigy with a guitar, started playing at age 8 and by 12, Brad was performing with a band as well as playing in church.

Today Brad Paisley is a legend, having been inducted into the Grand Ole Opry’s Hall of Fame in 2001, according to Biography.

Brad Paisley got an early start and signed with Arista Records immediately after college. Being born in West Virginia seems to fit well with Brad Paisley’s choice in genre well, but now Paisley’s work is inspiring a new generation of young musicians like Joe Abeyta.

Joe Abeyta of Littleton, Colorado, is moving forward with his career on his own path to stardom. Joe has relocated to Nashville, Tennessee, to pursue his country music dreams. Like musicians that came before him, Abeyta’s name could someday become a household word.

Midland’s song “Drinkin’ Problem’” helped Joe Abeyta win the Bob Kingsley weekly video challenge. Abeyta’s cover of Midland’s “Drinkin’ Problem” is just one example of his musician’s talent. Bob Kingsley’s contest is yet another step in Abeyta’s quest for fame and fortune as a rising country star.

Brad Paisley songs, like “Heaven South “and even Randy Travis’ “Forever and Ever Amen” make great covers for Joe Abeyta as he places video after video on YouTube. Abeyta is at least hopefully a rising star and could follow in the footsteps of Brad Paisley, Randy Travis, and so many others.

Joe Abeyta hails originally from Littleton, Co., according to his Facebook page. Joe is currently pursuing his dream as a singer and songwriter in Nashville, TN.

Brad Paisley’s “Heaven South” sounds great in this Joe Abeyta cover.

Joe Abeyta’s Midland “Drinkin’ Problem” cover winning the Bob Kingsley video contest plus his nice Brad Paisley cover on YouTube, will hopefully pay off. Joe has a sweet voice and a sweeter personality that shines through in his music and the nice introductory comments his videos usually feature.

Joe Abeyta has been recording covers of Brad Paisley, Randy Travis, Eric Church, Ed Sheeran, George Jones, George Strait, and Johnny Cash songs for YouTube. Justin Bieber was discovered on YouTube, so it can happen.

Midland’s song “Drinkin’ Problem” covered by Joe Abeyta can be viewed below and on his YouTube channel.

Joe Abeyta like many young musicians is following his dream. The point of any journey perhaps is not always to arrive, but music like this enriches people’s lives along the way.

Brad Paisley at the CMAs

Brad Paisley went to college on a full scholarship. Brad gained a Bachelors degree in Music Business. Johnny Depp on the other side of the educational spectrum, dropped out of high school to pursue a career in music. There are many paths to musical stardom and Joe Abeyta is not alone in his quest.

Brad Paisley, Randy Travis, and even Johnny Cash in his day have each been where Joe Abeyta is now. Joe has left his home and moved to Nashville, Tennessee, to pursue his career in music.

Brad Paisley on electric guitar


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Covering Midland and Brad Paisley songs, Joe Abeyta is beginning what will hopefully be a long and successful career.

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