‘Anthem’ Video Gameplay Hype Valid? Don’t Judge Quickly, Game Review Backs 2018 Game [Opinion]

The EA/BioWare Anthem video game debuted its gameplay trailer at the 2017 E3 show, and some of it seemingly had similarities to other themes that exist in many games today. It is set to release in 2018, and there seems to be a trend of post-apocalyptic dystopia with the use of advanced weaponry and technology. The gameplay trailer opened up announcing that it had occurred in real time, which is not uncommon with companies who promote their products.

Celebrated Video Game Writer Returns

Over on YouTube, Skill Up, a well-renowned content provider with his finger on the pulse of the gaming community, gave his take on how action-RPG enthusiasts should be hyped for this game.

Although the Anthem video game share similarities to games like Borderlands, Mass Effect, and so on, BioWare has had a history of creating great story lines. Skill Up named off games like Baldur’s Gate 1 and 2, Neverwinter Nights, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, and finally Mass Effect 1 and 2.

The previously named titles were all written by the “most celebrated writer in video game history,” Drew Karpyshyn. Considering these were so well written, this should be taken into consideration. Drew moved on to Star Wars: The Old Republic instead of leading the writing for Mass Effect 3. It was then that he moved on to other projects.

That said, Skill Up mentioned that the Star Wars game, even though well-written, was a “bland MMO-RPG.” He also stated that Mass Effect 3, although a “solid video game,” had a dissatisfying ending which was attributed to poor writing.

Now, Drew has returned under the BioWare banner to write the Anthem video game. They also “saved the best for last” when unveiling this project which probably means they are confident in its success. Forbes’ Paul Tassi said that BioWare’s decline in games was likely attributed to Karpyshyn’s departure in 2012 and now minds should be “put at ease” since his return.

“However, it’s been confirmed that beloved Mass Effect 1+2 and KOTOR writer Drew Karpyshyn is working on Anthem, which may put a lot of minds at ease.”

Is The Hype Believable? Skeptics Abound The Interwebs

Enter the skeptics considering that BioWare recently hasn’t had a good history of quality games. Also, considering the hype had been built and the buzz around the Internet shows a good amount of people impressed with the E3 presentation, you also have your skeptics regardless.

Tassi thought people were too quick to judge the Anthem gameplay trailer. YouTube commenters lamented on how it had elements of other games like The Division and how it’s synonymous with the matchmaking system of teaming people up. One commenter said it looked “too generic and too borrowed to be taken seriously” citing the likes of Destiny and Titan Fall when it comes to quest acquisition.

I personally like The Division for that reason, so chances are many people will concur, and I know many that are in favor of it.

Anthem Video Game 2018

Also, don’t typically most, if not all, video games have elements of already previously made games and that making such an argument doesn’t hold water? For example, if a new fighting game comes out that has taken the elements of blood and violence from other fighting games, would it be considered unoriginal?

Are Graphics Representative Enough?

YouTuber Digital Foundry talked about how this is the “generation of the downgrade.” This was expounded, pointing out something known as checker-boarding. However, it was also pointed out that even though the gameplay video was confirmed at 3840 x 2160 resolution, only 50-percent of it was paired with artifacting. Skill Up believes that this E3 promotion is the real deal and representative to the Xbox One X or a high-end PC as it seems the motion of moving through the world averts the eyes from this checker-boarding and they seem to be at least emulating a 4K outcome. Digital Foundry pointed out that “the feed still comes out looking pin-sharp.”

Destiny 2 Using Old Engine, Not So With Anthem

The most common critique regarding this game is that it was found comparable to Destiny. They both share similar elements such as a mix of high-tech in an organic environment, protection from the outside world via a wall of sorts, and of course the notable Javelin-like suits. Then there’s the similar team-up, looter-shooter themed environment.

On the other hand, there’s also the nature of how Anthem is more ability driven as opposed to the type of weapon you’re using in Destiny. Also, Destiny’s graphics would be considered dated as they intend on using the older game engine for Destiny 2. Anthem will be going next generation.

A Difference In The World Of Exploration

Now, in the Anthem video gameplay trailer, you can obviously see the massive size of the world as you stand upon the face of the wall. Is this reveal representative of a huge world? There is a feel of it already as the Javelin takes a trip as it moves through this seemingly open world in a Tony Stark-like fashion and doesn’t seem to show an “on-rails” feel of exploration when taking flight.

As of now, there’s no clarity on how limited this world will be with only this trailer.

Anthem Video Game 2018

Put it on a major widescreen TV set, and this feeling could likely be enhanced.

There is also the exploration aspect of the world. There is a significant difference due in part of the world’s scale, the ability to get around via the aforementioned “off-rails” flying, and so on. The lush environment, which seems to pay homage to the Avatar movie, is prominent. Skill Up found the “reveal” of EA/BioWare’s game to be rather refreshing with its take as compared to Destiny’s reveal.

“The immediate thought I had when watching #anthem was: this is the sort of innovation I was looking for with Destiny 2. Hope it delivers.”

Speculated Anthem Player Abilities

Going back to Skill Up’s assessment, he took notice that BioWare didn’t scrimp on facial expressions/animations and the uniqueness of the Javelins with their possible elemental aspects involving damage, i.e. fire, ice, electricity, and whatever else that BioWare may have up its sleeve. Along with this, you have a percentage indicator with yourself and your team. You’re also not limited to one Javelin per person, and you can keep multiple units.

Not Hyped Still? An Analyst’s Foresight Into Tech Stock

Can’t take a video game critic’s word for it? Is the hype only predicated on a gamer’s opinion? Enter Baird analyst Colin Sebastian and Mizuho Securities analyst San Phan via Investors.com. They both were impressed.

“EA’s Anthem looks “astounding,” Phan said. The new game should give Activision Blizzard’s (ATVI) similar franchise, Destiny, a run for its money.”

Phan also stated as follows.

“Based on what was shown and our hands-on play time, we believe EA has improved the game in nearly every aspect, including multiplayer, which now includes soldier classes and appears more robust.”

That said, it would seem those with the gift of financial foresight can see Anthem’s success under the EA umbrella.

With the supporting slew of aforementioned critics, YouTube commenters, YouTubers, analysts, and skeptics, do you think this is a good supporting crew of differing views on Anthem’s possibly promising outlook? Will this overview of foresight sway you to a game you’d want to put on your hit list?

EA/BioWare’s Anthem video game’s release date is slated late next year in 2018.

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