Aaron Rodgers: Five Bold Predictions For 2017 [Opinion]

Aaron Rodgers is viewed by most as the best quarterback in the NFL. Some argue that Tom Brady should have that title, but there are no quarterbacks in the league who can make as much of an impact on the game in as many ways as Rodgers.

Last season, Rodgers struggled at the beginning of the season. He struggled the year before as well, which the media jumped all over and began claiming that Rodgers’ career was declining. By the end of the season, Rodgers was an MVP candidate once again and was back on top of his game.

During the 2016 season, Rodgers completed 65.7 percent of his passes for 4,428 yards, 40 touchdowns, and just seven interceptions. He also picked up 369 yards and four touchdowns on the ground.

Looking ahead to the 2017 season, the Packers are once again favored as one of the teams to beat in the NFC. They will be going up against the Dallas Cowboys and Atlanta Falcons as main competitors, unless something changes.

Green Bay will only go as far as Rodgers can take them, although he is primed to have yet another huge season. Despite all of the critics who jumped on the anti-Rodgers bandwagon last season, he is still in his prime. Rodgers may not win the MVP this season, but you can bet that he will be one of the candidates.

All of that being said, what five bold predictions can be made for Aaron Rodgers’ 2017 season?

Aaron Rodgers Will Throw for at Least 45 Touchdowns

To this point in his career, Rodgers has only thrown for 45 touchdowns once in his career. While it is a very difficult thing to do, Rodgers will throw for at least 45 touchdowns this season. He has a high-powered receiving corps, and it will result in huge numbers for Rodgers.

Green Bay Will Win the NFC North

This may seem like a team bold prediction, but the Packers will only win the division title with Rodgers leading the way. Both the Minnesota Vikings and Detroit Lions are going to be tough to beat this season. Green Bay will need Rodgers to put up big performances against them in order to win the division.

Rodgers Will Lead the Packers to 13 Wins

Green Bay finished last season with a 10-6 record. It wasn’t the finish that they were expecting at the start of the season, but Rodgers will help lead them to a better season in 2017. Assuming no major injuries occur, the Packers will finish the season with a 13-3 record.

Aaron Rodgers Will Throw for 4,500 Yards

Throughout his nine seasons as the Packers’ starting quarterback, Rodgers has thrown for at least 4,500 yards just one time. He has thrown for over 4,400 yards two other times. This season, Rodgers will throw for at least 4,500 yards and could put up the best statistical season of his career.

Green Bays, Rodgers Will Win Super Bowl 52

The boldest prediction that can be made for any player or team is that they will win the Super Bowl. Rodgers has been yearning for another Super Bowl appearance and will get his wish this season. Green Bay will add yet another title to their long list of championships this coming season.

Do you think the Green Bay Packers will win Super Bowl 52? What are your expectations for Aaron Rodgers this season? Let us know your thoughts in the comment box below!

[Featured Image by Mark Tenally/AP Images]