Melania Trump Vs. Michelle Obama Reveals Spectacular Differences [Opinion]

Melania Trump has already set the pace to be different than the previous first lady when it comes to spending taxpayer’s money. She’s addressed one area of unnecessary expense, lavish vacations at the taxpayer’s expense. When the Trump family goes on vacation, Melania has said it will be at their own expense.

The Federalist Tribune reports that Melania is set on their family vacations coming out of their own pockets when it comes to footing the bill. When it comes to vacations, Michelle Obama has dropped jaws over the lavish getaways that she and Barack Obama have embarked on lately. These vacations are a step up from their expensive trips during their time in the White House. They aren’t taking the typical vacations of first class accommodations that one would expect the first family to enjoy.

No, they’ve visited the spots usually reserved for the very rich and famous. Once there, they seem to be taking on the persona of a rich and famous couple by spending time on a yacht and lunching with famous names. During these extravagant jaunts, the duo has been seen rubbing elbows with those who have some of the biggest bank accounts in the world. Melania Trump, who is among the rich and famous population and someone you’d expect to head out to a high-end getaway, doesn’t go in for all the fanfare of these posh vacation spots. She has always been more of a homebody and while in the White House that hasn’t changed, according to the Daily Mail.

According to the Federalist Tribune, Melania Trump takes a different approach to vacations than Michelle Obama. The Obama administration had the tendency to be extravagant with the taxpayer’s money as the Federalist Tribune suggests, ” the Obama family and administration did just about anything they could to grab on as much of our taxpayers’ money as possible.” This includes the amount of money spent on vacations.

During their eight years in the White House, the Obamas spent a whopping $9 million on vacations. Melania has sworn that family vacations for the new first family will be funded by the first family. The Obama’s visited Hawaii many times while in the White House. This seemed to be their vacation spot of choice, but the accommodations were astronomical in cost. The Washington Post reported last year that the Obama’s Christmas vacations alone to Hawaii cost $35 million during their eight years in the White House. The same goes for their post-presidency vacations. While the Obamas are on these lavish and prolonged stays in paradise, you are footing the bill for the Secret Service detail that they have in tow today.

No matter if the Obama’s went camping in a tent or plopped down in a castle during their vacations, the same detail would go along, so an argument can be made that the payroll expense for their protection is more than likely the same. But when the Obama family takes off to paradise, the Secret Service agents also need accommodations in the land of the rich and famous. Chances are those accommodations are much more costly than just a regular hotel room, as these island retreats are set up for the rich.

A recent article from the Inquisitr reports, “Melania Trump has saved more money with her staff than Michelle Obama did as the first lady.” Michelle Obama had a large staff at her disposal, to the tune of 24 people working under her. Melania Trump has a skeleton crew in comparison with only five staffers. If you do the math, that is 19 fewer staff people for Melania Trump.

While Melania Trump has lived the life of a very rich woman since marrying Donald Trump, common sense would suggest that she’d be the one who would go in for the lavish spending. Michelle Obama’s previous home was in Chicago and while it was a beautiful house in an upscale neighborhood, it was far from the digs of the Oprah and Richard Branson set, who were two people they hobnobbed with on vacation recently.

Michelle Obama grew up in Chicago’s South Shore neighborhood. Her family of four lived in a one bedroom, one bathroom house. The house didn’t even have air conditioning so it was far from lavish. According to Pop Sugar, Barack lived for a short time in Indonesia as a kid with his mother and stepfather before moving to Honolulu with his grandmother.

After college, Barack and Michelle Obama moved to Chicago in a “Georgian revival mansion” at 5046 S. Greenwood Ave. While upscale, it is nothing that would be considered over-the-top lavish. The picture of that home is seen above in the Instagram post. It doesn’t appear that Michelle and Barack Obama got the itch for lavish surroundings until they moved into the White House.

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