‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Is Dario Telling The Truth? Abigail Might Have Made A Huge Mistake [Opinion]

Days Of Our Lives fans saw yesterday that Dario Hernandez (Jordi Vilasuso) and Abigail (Marci Miller) were married by Abe Carver (James Reynolds). He has an entire storyline connected to this marriage, but fans are wondering if he is telling the truth. Is the deportation tale something that is really happening? Or is it a desperate attempt to have the woman that he wants? If it is the latter, Abigail might have made the biggest mistake of her life.

Even though the following is a theory, possible DOOL spoilers might be ahead. If you want to proceed, then keep in mind that you have been warned.

Ever since this whole deportation storyline began on Days Of Our Lives, some fans have doubted if it was true. Abigail even wondered if Dario was embellishing the truth. At one point, she asked Lt. Raines (Aaron D. Spears) about the situation, although she didn’t reveal the inquiry was about Dario. It is true that he took Abby into a small office to meet with an alleged immigration officer, as She Knows reported. However, there is something off about this entire storyline.

There is something that doesn’t settle right with Dario’s version of events. He seems too pushy, even for a guy who might get deported. He used to be a confident guy that feared nothing and took risks. Now, he seems desperate, especially when it comes to Abigail. The Days Of Our Lives character didn’t look for just anyone to marry him, it had to be Abigail. He is also in love with her, so in Dario’s mind, now he has her and there is nothing Chad DiMera (Billy Flynn) can do about it.

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As fans know, “Chabby” will end up back together one day. Executive producer Ken Corday teased months ago that was the ultimate plan. That means things will not work out between Dario and Abigail. Likely, Abigail will probably find out that the deportation story was a lie in order to get her to marry Dario. Even though she allegedly met the immigration agent, it wouldn’t be difficult for Dario to hire someone to play the part. He has hired minions before and currently has one working on some tech-based issues on his behalf.

If Abigail finds out that Dario lied about everything, she will feel completely betrayed. However, it would open up the possibility of her going back to Chad. It seems that at the time of the vows, Abigail might have suspected something wasn’t quite right. They could have had a quickie marriage by Abe Carver. However, Dario went to great lengths to recite is own vows. Abby might be finally realizing that Dario plans on something more than a platonic marriage. Now, how will she get out of this mess?

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Do you think Dario Hernandez is lying to Abigail about the deportation story? Did Abby make a huge mistake by marrying him? How will new head writer Ron Carlivati fix the “Chabby” mess on Days Of Our Lives?

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