Why ‘Supernatural’s’ Spin-Off ‘Wayward Sisters’ Has More Luck Than ‘Bloodlines’ Already [Opinion]

There has been a lot of talk about Supernatural’s latest spin-off attempt. Wayward Sisters will get a backdoor pilot during Supernatural Season 13, similar to an ill-fated spin-off attempt back in Season 9. If you don’t remember that spin-off attempt, don’t worry about it! Many people overlooked the idea as a spin-off because it was doomed from the start. That definitely isn’t the case for Wayward Sisters.

Back in Season 9, fans may remember Originals actor Nathaniel Buzolic in an episode set in Chicago. The episode featured very little of the Winchester brothers, with the story focused on five types of monsters at war with one another. This was a backdoor pilot for Bloodlines, a series focused on the five warring families.

Fans instantly took a disliking to the show, mainly due to the fact that neither Winchester brother was going to be it. It also failed to include any characters that fans had grown to love in Supernatural. Had one of the warring families included someone like Garth, Benny, or even Charlie, fans would have instantly been more receptive to the idea.

This is why Wayward Sisters already has more luck than Bloodlines. The main star of the Supernatural spin-off is going to be Kim Rhodes, better known in the SPN Family as Sheriff Jody Mills, according to Deadline. She is one of the only females to make it to Season 13, although fans regularly watch her episodes through their fingers in fear that she will be killed off like many of the other females on the show.


Another reason Wayward Sisters is going to work is because fans have asked for it. A campaign to bring a similarly-styled show started back in 2016. Fans wanted to see Jody Mills with her surrogate daughters, Alex and Claire. While Wayward Sisters isn’t going to follow that premise, the focus on Jody taking in young women orphaned by monsters certainly makes it clear that the showrunners (and The CW) are listening to fans.


While there are some fans who just don’t want a Supernatural spin-off, there are many others already excited for this upcoming series. There is already plenty of hope that Wayward Sisters will get a full first season after the backdoor pilot, unlike the ill-fated attempt with Bloodlines back in Season 9.

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