Hollywood Vampires With Johnny Depp, Alice Cooper, And Joe Perry Could Appear At Glastonbury 2018 [Opinion]

Johnny Depp had the ultimate Glastonbury experience this year. The actor camped in a tent, partied with friends, introduced a few movies, and to top it off played guitar on stage for Kris Kristofferson according to this from the Inquisitr. See the video below.

Next year Johnny Depp might be back with Alice Cooper and Joe Perry as Hollywood Vampires. Alice seems unusually enthusiastic about performing at Glastonbury.

Alice Cooper, Johnny Depp’s famous shock rock band mate, said in an interview recently that he would love to play at Glastonbury with the Hollywood Vampires. Cooper is quoted on Somerset Live.

“I would love to. I would love to bring a little vampirism to Glastonbury. I’m just saying, we’re open to it. The Alice Cooper show might scare everyone to death but the Vampires I think would be OK.”

Johnny Depp, Joe Perry, and Alice Cooper formed the band Hollywood Vampires as a tribute band to honor rock and roll’s fallen. Many rock stars have met untimely deaths early in their careers. Hollywood Vampires are dedicated to memorializing those stars.

Johnny Depp partied with Liam Gallagher, formerly of Oasis, while at Glastonbury. Those two are old friends but had not seen each other in decades, according to this from the Inquisitr.

Perhaps Alice Cooper and Joe Perry heard how much fun Johnny Depp and Liam Gallagher had at Glastonbury. Now Alice Cooper wants to be booked for next year.

Alice Cooper even went so far as to say he’d need to cut some songs from Hollywood Vampires’ usual 28 song show, which he said would be too long for Glastonbury. It sounds like Alice has given his Glastonbury performance a lot of serious thought.

Johnny Depp is enjoying his trip to England. While in London, Johnny attended a birthday party for a Lebanese princess. The party was on Tuesday, at a restaurant called “Ours,” according to the Daily Mail. Depp is pictured below in the vintage leather jacket and white jeans he wore to the party.

Johnny Depp of Hollywoods attends a party in London
Johnny Depp of Hollywood Vampires attends a party in London [Image by KGC-49-182 STAR MAX/AP Images]

Alice Cooper often points out that Depp is an accomplished guitarist as well as an actor. Cooper wants people to realize that The Hollywood Vampires are serious about their music and both their guitarists are equally talented.

“He [Johnny] plays with everybody. Johnny will go and play with [Paul] McCartney, he’ll play with the [Rolling] Stones, he’ll play with everybody. But when he’s with our band it’s a full on show. It’s 28 songs.”

Alice Cooper says he thinks of Johnny Depp as primarily a musician, rather than an actor. Many musicians do. Johnny is an extremely talented guitarist. Cooper is quoted in Somerset Live.

“It’s so funny because I don’t think of him as an actor when he’s on stage.”

Alice Cooper singing
Alice Cooper singing on stage [Image by Jesse Grant/Getty Images]

Still, Alice Cooper has apparently seen more Johnny Depp movies than Depp has of his own films. Depp told Alice Copper he doesn’t watch his own movies.

“He’s never once seen one of his movies. He said, ‘I’ve never seen one of my movies.’ And I said, ‘Well you’re pretty good!'”

Hollywood Vampires are a tightknit group of three members. Alice Cooper is the lead singer, while Joe Perry and Johnny Depp are both lead guitarists.


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If Alice Cooper wants Hollywood Vampires to play Glastonbury in 2018, Johnny Depp and Joe Perry will be ready.

[Featured Image by Claus Bonnerup/AP Images]