‘Dragon Ball Super:’ Universe 9 Must Go Within The Next Few Episodes [Opinion]

Universe 9 in Dragon Ball Super is the lowest-ranked universe. Based on their actions and performance since the beginning of the Universe Survival Arc, their rank appears well-justified. Scheming, cheating, and unnecessarily prideful, there is arguably no other team that is as unlikable as Universe 9. The fact that its Kaioshin is a jerk and its God of Destruction is a pushover are just icing on the cake. With the Tournament of Power finally starting, however, Universe 9 has to go, and it must happen within the next couple of episodes.

One thing that definitely stood out in Dragon Ball Super Episode 97 was the fact that Basil from Universe 9 was being built up as one of the most active fighters in the Tournament. Despite losing badly to Majin Buu of Universe 7 in the Omni-King’s pre-tournament match, Basil was able to eliminate the first fighter from in the ToP, according to noted DBS fan-translator Herms98. He was also able to stop one of Universe 3’s aces, though he did so with the help of Hit from Universe 6.

Anime has a pretty huge tendency to build up characters right before they are retired. In the Mobile Suit Gundam franchise, this has become a convention, with fans able to predict which character would kick the bucket by checking which one is being featured prominently. With this in mind, the fact that Basil was the star of DBS Episode 97, and his brothers Bergamo and Lavender being prominently featured in the Ep 98 NEP, seems to indicate that Universe 9 is ripe for the picking.

In a lot of ways, it is high time for Universe 9 to retire from the Tournament of Power. Its fighters, apart from the Trio de Dangers, are utterly forgettable and are likely just fodder for strong warriors such as Goku and Vegeta. Apart from this, U9 has overstayed their welcome among fans.

At first, it was quite entertaining to see how Universe 9 acted towards Universe 7. As the episodes progressed, however, the antics of its fighters, its Kaioshin, and its God of Destruction became downright tiring to watch, as noted by numerous fans in online forums such as Reddit. Even their schemes, which are always badly planned, are just painful to witness when they fall apart.

Dragon Ball Super needs to get rid of Universe 9, and the Tournament of Power is the perfect way for this to happen. Since the DBS Episode 98 NEP revealed that Goku and Vegeta would personally be taking the fight to U9, there is a good chance that the lowest-ranking universe is indeed set to be retired soon.

In a lot of ways, taking out Universe 9 out of the Tournament of Power this early into the game would serve the anime well. After all, there is no better way to prove the high-stakes nature of the ToP than to have one of the participating universes become a sacrificial lamb. Universe 9 would play this role perfectly.

With Universe 9 out of the picture, the remaining fighters in the Tournament of Power would be able to see just how serious the Tournament of Power really is. At this point in the anime, Dragon Ball Super really needs a development such as this, in order to establish the Universe Survival Arc as its most intense saga to date. If Universe 9 has to bite the dust for this to happen, so be it.

[Featured Image by Toei Animation]