‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: After Self-Eviction, Cameron Heard Should Return To ‘BB19’ Cast [Opinion]

Big Brother 19 spoilers have revealed to most fans that Megan Lowder self-evicted this season. The BB19 cast had already lost a member to the first eviction vote when Cameron Heard got evicted on Day 1. Since Megan decided to quit the game, shouldn’t Cameron get another shot at winning the $500,000 prize? Fans on social media keep asking that question following what was shown on the CBS live feeds this week.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, when the live feeds got turned on late Thursday evening (June 29), the Memory Wall photo of Megan Lowder was blacked out. This is typically what happens when a houseguest has been evicted, immediately showing that it could be a night packed with Big Brother 19 spoilers coming out of the house. It would later be discovered that Alex Ow had been used as the replacement nominee by Head of Household Cody Nickson.

This would seem like the perfect opportunity to allow Cameron Heard back in the BB19 house, as he had barely been able to play the game before he was voted out in a surprise Eviction Ceremony. It was certainly a rough exit for someone who professed to be a huge fan of the show, but social media users are also quick to point out how terrible he was during that first endurance challenge. Cameron even stated in a Diary Room session that he had thrown the competition.

Not a lot of information has been revealed by CBS about these Big Brother 19 spoilers, but it should all play out on the Sunday episode (July 2) of the show. A report by the Desert Sun provided a post-show interview by Megan Lowder, who stated that she was suffering from PTSD from a previous assault and interactions in the BB19 house had triggered negative feelings for her.

“When I was stationed in Norfolk, Virginia, I was sexually assaulted and I got really bad PTSD from it. So in the house… I had a lot of guys yelling at me and attacking me and it started really affecting me and making my anxiety severe and I was starting to get physically ill. I was throwing up, I had diarrhea, I was nauseous all the time.”

Maybe this is the perfect time for show producers to let America have a voice about what takes place with the BB19 cast and the Cameron Heard situation? It would be pretty easy to allow a public online vote on whether or not viewers and live feed subscribers would like to see Cameron back in the house.

Maybe there is a new twist involving Cameron that producers will tie into one of the temptations. It would be an interesting consequence and provide some shocking Big Brother 19 spoilers if Cameron just suddenly showed up on the live feeds before the next CBS episode.

[Featured Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]