Why Everyone Should Give More Than ‘Two Fux’ About Adam Lambert’s New LGBTQ Anthem [Opinion]

A middle-finger raising, pro-gay live performance at the American Music Awards in 2009 was all it took for singer Adam Lambert — whose bold new single “Two Fux” dropped on Friday — to prove that he didn’t care much about what anyone, including ABC, thought about his openly gay and proud self.

With that noted, the former theater kid and 35-year-old American Idol icon’s latest single still manages to be both refreshing as a necessary protest song for those whose inner rainbows are often dimmed by an non-understanding, mostly heterosexual society and as an emotionally enthralling and moving tune for anyone who is just trying to get by in the world without a fuss.

“I’m the center of a crowded room, I might as well be on the moon,” a seemingly forlorn Adam croons during one “Two Fux” verse — before revealing that he actually prefers being left to his own devices as he’s the only one who “gets” who Adam Lambert truly is.

“People think that I’m from Mars,” he cheekily reveals in another section of the song with a nonchalant, “Whatever.”

Despite the inclusiveness of any and all introverts on “Two Fux,” make no qualms that Adam Lambert mostly, obviously composed and recorded the song for the LGBTQ “aliens” who have gone through similar ups and downs because they also are LGBTQ, much like the king of the Glambert Nation Adam’s most-dedicated fan base — proudly is.

“If you think that what I say and what I give ain’t love,” Adam expresses in the telling chorus with passion and just a pinch of obvious pain, “[then] I don’t really really give two fux.”

Writers for Variety note that the release of “Two Fux” follows Lambert’s last full album, the dark yet dance-ready The Original High, through Warner Bros. Records in 2015.

adam lambert two fux

“[With] ‘Two Fux,’ [Adam appears to] come back around to his sweet spot with the confidence of someone who seems [to], musically, at least, finally content with his life,” Variety also says of the new offering.

Adam Lambert’s “Two Fux” can be streamed in full on music clients Apple Music and Spotify and other music streaming sites. The lyric video for the slightly-NSFW tune can be found below.

[Featured Image by Chelsea Guglielmino/Getty Images]