Scott Waring Only Has Himself To Blame For The Fall Of ‘UFO Sightings Daily’ [Opinion]

After seven eventful years and innumerable updates, dedicated UFO website UFO Sightings Daily has decided to close its doors. In a rather emotional if not slightly bitter final post, the website’s owner, Scott Waring, declared that he would not be posting updates and UFO sightings on the popular site anymore, citing the fact that UFO believers are now treated mainly as objects of ridicule and entertainment. While Scott Waring does have a very valid point, however, he only has himself to blame for the fall of his popular website.

Over the past seven years, Waring has posted innumerable sightings of UFOs and alleged alien activity — on Earth, on Mars, and in outer space. During its peak, even notable news websites such as CNN, the Washington Post, and even The Inquisitr utilized information from UFO Sightings Daily as sources for their reports. Eventually, however, Waring crossed a line that ultimately ended with UFO Sightings Daily losing a huge chunk of credibility. After that point had been crossed, it became nigh impossible to go back.

I have to admit; I was one of the reporters who eventually decided to stay away from Waring’s website when looking for credible sources for UFO-themed articles. My reason? Scott Waring’s claims of alien activity eventually bordered on the ridiculous. Claimed sightings of Earth animals, plants, and even everyday objects captured on images from the Mars Rover littered the website, with the UFO enthusiast stating that the reports are legitimate proof of alien life.

At one point, a post was published claiming that a human shoe was found on the Red Planet’s surface. At another time, the UFO enthusiast claimed that a lizard was captured by the Mars Rover’s sensors. Simply put, the reports of sightings in UFO Sightings Daily eventually became far too outlandish to be taken seriously, with numerous reports on the website being incredibly easy to debunk.

In an interview with The Express, Nigel Watson, author of the UFO Investigation Manual, stated that ultimately, Scott Waring ended up being part of the problem that UFO believers face on an everyday basis. Unfortunately for the UFO enthusiast, his alleged discoveries just became far too many, and it became quite difficult to take his claims seriously.

“I think he was genuinely trying to find and share UFO sightings and anomalies captured by the cameras of the International Space Station and other space vehicles, but the sheer quantity of his ‘discoveries’ undermined their quality.

“How many people really believe his photographic evidence that everything from massive skyscrapers to squirrels exist on the surface of Mars?”

Overall, I feel like Scott Waring wasted his chance to make a difference in the UFO community. He was running one of the most popular UFO-themed websites on the internet, and he was being treated as a credible source by the media for a while. Had he been a lot more restrained and a lot more selective with his reports, he would have remained a reliable voice, and he would have helped the UFO community find a more solid footing on the internet.

This is not to say that Scott Waring should just give up on reporting UFO activity altogether, however. If any, the UFO enthusiast should learn from the fall of UFO Sightings Daily. If he could do this, his next venture in reporting possible alien activity would likely be even more successful.

[Featured Image by Pavel Chagochkin/AP Images]