NBA: 5 Bold Predictions For 2017 NBA Free Agency [Opinion]

As the 2017 NBA free agency period gets ready to begin, there are plenty of rumors flying around. One domino already fell after Chris Paul decided that he would leave the Los Angeles Clippers this offseason to sign with the Houston Rockets. Instead of leaving the Clippers with nothing, Paul chose to opt into his deal with the Clippers and be traded to the Rockets.

Looking ahead at the free agency pool, there are plenty of big names that could be on the move. Whether there are a lot of high-profile players that switch teams or not, there will be a lot of exciting rumors that surface over the next week or two.

Free agency is never a predictable event in the NBA. There have been some major surprises in recent years. It keeps fans guessing, but more importantly, it keeps the teams and players involved guessing as well.

If free agency lives up to the hype this offseason, it could be one of the busiest and most exciting free agency periods that the NBA has seen in quite some time.

All of that being said, what five bold predictions can be made for the upcoming 2017 NBA free agency period that begins on July 1?

Blake Griffin Signs with the Boston Celtics

Doc Rivers and the Los Angeles Clippers have already lost one of their superstars and they will lose another when free agency opens. Blake Griffin is going to be pursued by quite a few teams, but the Boston Celtics will end up signing him. Danny Ainge will finally bring in a true superstar to play alongside Isaiah Thomas.

Gordon Hayward Signs with the Indiana Pacers

At this point in time, Gordon Hayward is expected to either remain with the Utah Jazz or sign with the Boston Celtics. How about we throw a bit of a wrench in that expectation? Hayward will end up signing with his hometown Indiana Pacers in free agency to replace Paul George, who is expected to be traded in the near future.

Derrick Rose Signs with the San Antonio Spurs

Derrick Rose is yet another high-profile name set to hit the open free agency market. He is expected to receive heavy interest from the San Antonio Spurs, New York Knicks, and Minnesota Timberwolves. Rose may not seem like the typical Spurs target, but he will end up signing with San Antonio this offseason.

Jrue Holiday Signs with the New York Knicks

Phil Jackson has been ousted by the New York Knicks and a new era of management has begun. Jrue Holiday would be an ideal target to replace Rose at the point guard position in New York. Holiday has another reason to sign with the Knicks as well, as his brother, Justin, played there last season and could be re-signed to convince Jrue to sign.

Paul Millsap Signs with the Miami Heat

Pat Riley is expected to attempt signing a big name this offseason. Miami is an attractive free agency destination and Paul Millsap could be an ideal target. Adding Millsap would make the Heat a much more dangerous team in the Eastern Conference, although they likely would not compete with LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Expect to see a lot of movement and to hear a lot of rumors when free agency opens up. These five predictions are certainly bold, but there are plenty more situations to keep an eye on as well.

Do you think any of these five bold predictions will come true? What other bold predictions would you add to the list? Let us know your thoughts in the comment box below!

[Featured Image by Rick Bowmer/AP Images]