‘Criminal Minds’ ‘Crazy’ Plot? Matthew Gray Gubler Needs ‘Help’: Where’s Thomas Gibson? [Opinion]

Criminal Minds actor Matthew Gray Gubler needs help. Showrunner Erica Messer, who had to admit the vengeful pregnant Cat plot was “crazy,” told TV Guide that Gubler’s character, Dr. Reid, will be “getting some help next season.”

“Obviously we have to acknowledge what Dr. Reid has been through this year. We can’t just pretend that didn’t happen, but at the same time, we want to make sure it feels realistic, that he’s getting some help next season and that kind of stuff.”

Matthew Gray Gubler carried Criminal Minds Season 12, and it obviously wasn’t easy. Matthew Gray Gubler’s character dealt with his mother’s Alzheimer’s disease. Then Spencer Reid spent time in prison after being framed for murder by a crazy pregnant girl named Cat.

Will Matthew Gray Gubler get some help from other actors on Criminal Minds as well? The viewing audience is aching for Thomas Gibson and Shemar Moore. Hotch (portrayed by Gibson) and Derek Morgan (portrayed by Moore) were sorely missed in the insane drama that Matthew Gray Gubler’s character endured in Criminal Minds Season 12.

Writers missed the chance for a Morgan and Reid scene that was sorely needed for Matthew Gray Gubler’s character. Shemar Moore’s visit was completely wasted in that way and didn’t give the audience nearly enough of him.

Thomas Gibson’s absence left a hole in Criminal Minds’ soul, and so did Shemar Moore’s departure. Fans are still very livid about Thomas Gibson’s dismissal from Criminal Minds. The protest hashtag #NoHotchNoWatch is still used every Wednesday night on Twitter and unhappy fans are planning to redouble their efforts for Season 13.

Criminal Minds Season 13 is being written right now. It started on June 6, so now is the time to let writers know what the audience wants. From reading social media, writers can glean that fans want Thomas Gibson back. They’d also like to see Matthew Gray Gubler happy again as Dr. Reid.

Matthew Gray Gubler of Criminal Minds is looking dapper in a tux

Matthew Gray Gubler is working so hard on Criminal Minds in the absence of Thomas Gibson and Shemar Moore. Why can’t someone else step up for a while and give the kid a rest?

Criminal Minds actresses A.J. Cook and Kirsten Vangsness asked for equal pay with Matthew Gray Gubler and got it, according to Deadline. Padget Brewster apparently already has equal pay, since she didn’t join them in asking. Will there be equal work for Vangsness, Cook, and Brewster as well in Season 13?

Criminal Minds has fully exploited Matthew Gray Gubler’s talents in Season 12 but hasn’t had a story arc featuring Kirsten Vangsness in a few seasons. Vangsness definitely has the chops to handle one, and Kirsten’s story arcs are always delightful.

Despite Padget Brewster’s Emily Prentiss being the so-called unit chief, which #NoHotchNoWatch isn’t buying, Brewster was not really in the spotlight in Criminal Minds Season 12. Likewise, A.J. Cook’s sweet little JJ tends to fade into the background unless she’s highlighted in an arc, and she hasn’t been featured in ages.

Criminal Minds star Matthew Gray Gubler is a masterful dramatic actor. Still, Spencer Reid’s situation turned horribly oppressive, and Matthew Gray Gubler’s acting just intensified that oppressive feeling.

Why not toss Kirsten Vangsness out there in a more lighthearted but thrilling story arc and have her supported by A.J. Cook’s JJ? Perhaps Penelope Garcia should hook up with some old hacker friends. Most importantly, get Thomas Gibson back to rescue them.

Maybe Criminal Minds writers should pick on someone besides the rather fragile Dr. Reid for a change. Give the man a rest or, better yet, let something nice happen to him. No, viewers will be watching Matthew Gray Gubler’s masterful acting again, as he is “dealing with the aftermath,” as Erica Messer explains to TV Guide.

“It’ll be a change next season no matter what because we’re dealing with the aftermath of what Scratch just did and what happened to our hero in prison that whole time.”

Criminal Minds showrunner Erica Messer was very frank with TV Guide following the Criminal Minds Season 12 finale. Messer confesses the plot got a little “crazy.” TV Guide used the word “soapy.” The two were talking about the villainous Cat’s pregnancy. Cat alleged that Matthew Gray Gubler’s character was the father.

“Yeah, she definitely had contact with the guard that had the ability to be in both prisons and is likely the daddy of her baby, which is also crazy. [Laughs] When [writer] Breen [Frazier] pitched me that, I was like, ‘That’s crazy. We’re not doing that.’ And then it became, ‘We can do it for an act, but it cannot be real.'”

Criminal Minds writers had real trouble trying to make the show work without Thomas Gibson and Shemar Moore. They had to do a lot of rewrites, and things may have gotten totally out of hand in Season 12, which some fans complained made little sense. It’s good to know Erica Messner knows it got crazy too.

Criminal Minds needs Thomas Gibson, not only as Hotch but to keep the show on track. While Virgil Williams may have resented Thomas Gibson’s critiques, it now appears Thomas Gibson was the one keeping the plots from getting “crazy.”

Matthew Gray Gubler’s pregnant Cat scene is evidence of that. Thomas Gibson was the only one who might have had the strength to just say no to pregnant Cat plots.


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Criminal Minds with Matthew Gray Gubler, Kirsten Vangsness, Padget Brewster, and A.J. Cook still needs Thomas Gibson.

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