‘WWE SmackDown’ Defines ‘Insanity’ As It Presses Replay On Women’s Ladder Match Controversy [Opinion]

Albert Einstein one defined insanity as “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” On last night’s WWE SmackDown Live, the WWE defied that definition when it pressed the replay button on its Money in the Bank Ladder Match. As reported recently by the Inquisitr, wrestling fans were outraged, when James Ellsworth interfered in the first ever WWE SmackDown ladder match for women, handing a win to his girlfriend Carmella. SmackDown General Manager Daniel Bryan branded Ellsworth “cheap,” and his first action on his return to SmackDown was to order a re-run of the ladder match.

After Ellsworth’s interference in the Money in the Bank ladder match, one might have expected the rematch to have a different outcome. Not so, according to Cageside Seats, Carmella won again, and James Ellsworth attempted to interfere again. Ellsworth had been banned from the arena by Daniel Bryan, but this didn’t stop him for entering the ring, scaling a ladder, and attempting to hand Carmella the win.

At least on this occasion Ellsworth was stopped in his tracks by Becky Lynch. As reported on the official WWE website, Lynch tipped Ellsworth off the ladder, and he landed astride the top-rope in a position that is sure to have brought a tear to his eye.

WWE Ellsworth ladder match

Carmella Wins The SmackDown Live Women’s Ladder Match

After her tussle with Ellsworth, it looked like Lynch may be about to grab the briefcase containing the golden contract, but she was stopped by Carmella. With Becky incapacitated, and with Natalya and Charlotte brawling in the crowd, Carmella was able to climb the ladder unopposed to grab the briefcase and an opportunity of a world title match, at a time and place of her own choosing.

Given the backlash over Ellsworth’s interference during the Money in the Bank ladder match, it seems incredible that the WWE SmackDown creative team wanted to repeat the formula. Had Ellsworth succeeded in handing Carmella the win, then surely another rematch would have been required.

WWE Carmella Ellsworth

It’s clear that Carmella is being pushed by WWE, so having her win the match clean would provide sufficient impetus. Having angered fans by having a man essentially win the first ever SmackDown ladder match, why would they want to repeat a losing formula? That decision defies logic and angers the very fans the WWE relies on to make the company profitable. The WWE universe is used to unlikely storylines, but repeating the same formula and giving us the same outcome borders on insanity.

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