Did Beyonce’s Twins’ First Photos Emerge? Mom And Dad Each Pictured Holding A Baby? [Opinion]

Pictures have surfaced in a video that appears to be Beyonce and JAY-Z leaving the hospital with their twin babies last week. The picture appears to show the proud mom and dad each holding one of the newborn siblings while making their way to through an area with a tall building behind them. Did they sneak out of the hospital through a back way, or is this a picture showing something else?

The tiny dangling bare feet of the babies are seen as the famous parents appear to shuffle their little ones to a vehicle to start their journey home. It is surprising that this picture didn’t get viral exposure, and it doesn’t seem easy to find online, which brings up one of many red flags.

The video talks about Beyonce and JAY-Z taking their twins home, and it flashes three frames of pictures, which are seen below in a video. The video never makes the claim that these are the first pictures of Beyonce, JAY-Z, and the babies, but when it flashes quickly on the screen that might be your first thought considering the video is titled “Beyonce And Jay Z’s Twins Finally Released From Hospital.” The video is from Lehren Hollywood.

The couple has not officially announced the birth of the babies, so would they really walk out into what appears to be a city street holding the infants in their arms? Considering that Beyonce and JAY-Z went to great lengths to keep the birth of the twins private, leaving themselves sitting ducks for a picture by walking out in public seems to go against the grain of their efforts.

A Google search for a Beyonce and JAY-Z picture with the twins turned up nothing, which is another reason some questions might be raised about this picture. While the babies are each shown to have their little bare feet dangling out from under the blankets, they look a little larger than what you might expect infants just a week old to look like. Could this possibly be a picture combining JAY-Z holding Blue Ivy from a few years back, and a picture of Beyonce holding Blue Ivy as a baby as well?

If you stop the video and examine the picture, you can see the background seems to change behind Beyonce from one frame to another. The background also doesn’t appear to match up directly behind Beyonce. Again, Lehren Hollywood doesn’t make a claim that these pictures are of the twins with Beyonce and JAY-Z, but it does seem to allude to this in their video.

While the three frames of photos are shown on the screen of this video, the woman narrating the video says, “We are so excited for Beyonce and Jay-Z as they finally took their twins home on Tuesday evening, June 20th.”

At first glance, this might look as if the famous couple was captured in a few pictures unexpectedly while making their way home with their newborn twins, but there may be some red flags that say otherwise. What do you think?

According to the Daily Mail, as of June 26, the babies were still in the hospital being treated for jaundice under lights, which is not expected to have any long-term effects for the twins. Beyonce and JAY-Z have been keeping everything under wraps, so even if the famous couple did somehow go home on June 20, like the video states, leaving themselves wide open for these pictures just don’t seem feasible. The gender of the twin infants is still a guessing game with the public as the leading rumor seems to be a boy and a girl.

[Featured Image by Mark Terill/AP Images]