Kenya Moore Continues To Reference Matt Jordan When Speaking About Her Wedding? [Opinion]

Kenya Moore shocked everyone when she decided to get married without telling any of her fans. The Real Housewives of Atlanta star had been very vocal on social media about being treated like the woman she saw herself as, referring to her ex-boyfriend Matt Jordan. On the show, their relationship was falling apart because of his violent ways, and she kept posting things on social media about knowing her worth. While some people thought that perhaps she was getting back together with him, Moore is now sharing the news that she had actually been dating someone else since December. Things were so good that they got married a few weeks ago.

According to a new Instagram post, Kenya Moore referenced her past once again in relation to her new status as a married woman. Everything she’s been posting lately has to do with her marriage and her past. Just this weekend, Kenya posted about moving forward, referencing her past with Matt Jordan. Perhaps her way of moving forward is to get married to another man. Maybe people are so shocked about this wedding because they know very little about this man; she never introduced him to her fans and her wedding was kept a secret.

Life is about moving forward...keep moving never look back. Have a blessed day.

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Maybe Kenya Moore wanted to keep her marriage a secret because she wanted to make sure that the paparazzi didn’t capture pictures of her before anyone else did. On Instagram, Moore reveals that she did grant People Magazine the exclusive rights to her wedding photos, and she thanked everyone involved for keeping her big day a secret.

One has to wonder how Matt Jordan feels about everything. In his mind, she may have moved on a little too quickly. Kenya kept referencing the abuse and wanted to discuss it on social media, calling all women to stand up for themselves. In the meantime, she was planning her wedding to a man no one had heard about. It wouldn’t be surprising if Jordan had an opinion about her wedding.

Many have speculated that perhaps Kenya Moore got married to save her spot on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. And while that may be true, it sounds like it could be working, as Moore is returning to the show next season. No word on whether her wedding will be filmed.

What do you think of Kenya Moore’s decision to get married while dissing her ex-boyfriend at the same time?

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