DCEU Reddit And 4Chan Leaks: Legit Rumor Source Or Sensationalist Click Bait? [Opinion]

Recently, DCEU Reddit leaks have supposedly been a major source for DC movie rumors, and it’s getting out of hand. This often includes trailer descriptions to long-winded write-ups by the sites’ users. Of course, they do offer things up with a nice Wonder Woman header in the banner, but lately, there has been a slew of rumors regarding the upcoming DCEU movies.

Recently, Heroic Hollywood’s Umberto Gonzalez, a well-renowned member of entertainment media, has been debunking these rumors via his Twitter feed. He’s also brought attention to the public how other online sites are pointing to DCEU Reddit leaks as some kind of source for their scoops for the purpose of clicks. He pointed out that the Justice League trailer description, which included the black suit, wasn’t true.

There have been countless hopeful fan posts and artwork regarding the return of the silver/black outfit to the big screen. Of course, Henry Cavill did tease what looked to be a textured piece of black material online, so perhaps him donning the black suit is true, minus the mullet cut and beard?


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Another rumor site called 4chan, in my opinion, is a Reddit equivalent, is sometimes pointed out by Reddit as a source for their information.

Umberto tweeted about how his social media feeds are exploding every time a post crops ups on the DCEU Reddit page, asking him about the source’s validity. That said, there’s obviously some merit to his opinion considering how his finger is on the pulse of the industry.

“Because when other outlets post them for the easy clicks, my text, Facebook, & twitter messages explode asking if it’s true.”

One @elmayimbe follower even asked Umberto if the DCEU Leaks have ever been correct.

“No, but outlets keep posting their stuff for the clicks.”

Just to name a couple, Gizmodo reported the future of the Batman universe, saying there are four films scheduled and referencing the celebration of 80 years of Batman. Reddit users even made a post regarding this discovery.

Well-known geek site ComicBook.com also referenced the DCEU Reddit leak regarding a rumored Justice League trailer description. Commenters on the sub itself pointed out the site had cited them as a “journalistic source.”

That said, would you even question the possibility that it’s simply some imaginative fan fiction from those who are posting these details?

The DCEU Reddit leaks should tone it down just a bit because some users don’t even say where they are getting this information. What’s interesting is that they are even labeling these posts as “spoilers.”

It’s gotten to the point where it seems the users are satirizing these leaks. With the recent back-to-back posts, with no source beyond the DCEU Reddit site, people should question the legitimacy of the post. Of course, fan sites do acknowledge this source by stating the rumors should be taken with a grain of salt.

Do you think there is a time when rumors should be considered newsworthy?

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