‘Doctor Who’ With Peter Capaldi Is Trending On Twitter: Season 10 Episode 11 Has Fans Enraptured [Opinion]

Peter Capaldi as the new Doctor Who has apparently converted even the most staunch Matt Smith and David Tennant fans. Not too long ago, some were wondering if they could even accept a new Doctor, but now, it’s mayhem on Twitter as #doctorwho rapidly approaches 10,000 tweets.

This Doctor Who episode with Peter Capaldi titled “World Enough and Time,” is brilliant, and there is not much in the way of spoilers here, as it would be a shame to spoil this for those who haven’t seen it yet. Season 10, Episode 11 is fantastic and so is Peter Capaldi.

All of Doctor Who Season 10 with Peter Capaldi is and well worth seeing, and the finale is coming up July 1, on BBC America. Sadly, Mr. Capaldi reportedly won’t be returning for Season 11. Peter Capaldi will be missed.

Doctor Who portrayed by Peter Capaldi enters in the pre-credit flash-forward sequence. Vulture describes it this way.

“‘World Enough and Time’ aims to grab your attention from its opening, pre-credits moments. The Doctor stumbles from the TARDIS into a frozen landscape, his hair longer and wilder than ever before, seemingly fighting against his regeneration.”

Peter Capaldi, as Doctor Who, from that moment on has viewers completely captivated. As exciting as Peter Capaldi’s performance is, the science of this Doctor Who episode alone is mind-numbing yet dazzling. Imagine a spaceship 400 miles long and 100 miles wide, trying to reverse itself away from a black hole that’s about to consume it.

As should only happen in a Doctor Who episode, time rebels on the characters involved. The bottom of the ship, which is further from the black hole, has an accelerated timeline in comparison to the top of the ship, which is nearest the black hole. It’s two days vs. 1,000-year variance in this very science oriented Doctor Who story, as Radio Times explains.

Doctor Who with Peter Capaldi has fantastically smart writers who actually understand Einstein’s work and base this episode largely on his theory of relativity as it relates to warped time-space. Radio Times insists that despite the fact it sounds impossible, the show’s calculations aren’t too far off.

In other words, this Doctor Who episode’s black hole time-warp situation could, theoretically at least, really happen, though hopefully it never will. Even Peter Capaldi as Doctor Who finds this time variance challenging to say the least.

Doctor Marek Kukula, who happens to be a scientist, explains to Radio Times how this works.

“It certainly [could happen], depending on the gravitational gradient, you can get very big time differences particularly close to a black hole.”

Doctor Who writers certainly are showing off their education on this episode, which is an amazing science fiction drama that highlights Peter Capaldi’s vast acting talents as well as some incredibly mind-blowing science.

Peter Capaldi and Pearl Mackie stars of Doctor Who pose by the tardus

Dr. Who with Peter Capaldi has Twitter fans raving about how wild Season 10, Episode 11 is.

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Doctor Who with Peter Capaldi fans are flooding Twitter with comments about Season 10, Episode 11.

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