‘Alaskan Bush People’: Feelings Of Helplessness Over Ami’s Illness Tear Billy Apart [Opinion]

If there is one thing the family from Alaskan Bush People share, it is a deep love for one another. With Ami seriously ill, an overwhelming feeling of helplessness has taken over Billy Brown and the kids. This is not a feeling the family is used to dealing with. The Alaskan Bush People learned how to make do with very little and if anything needed fixing, it was usually improvised by using the junk they had on hand.

Billy and his kids are used to finding solutions to the problems that life has presented this family so far, but with Ami’s diagnosis of stage 4 cancer, there’s nothing they can do but pray and surround her with their support. Ami has the doctors to offer the help she needs, and while Billy is happy to have a place for Ami to get this help, he is a heart-wounded husband who is feeling like he has never before; he can’t make this go away for Ami.

The heartfelt words coming from all the Alaskan Bush People family members have the fans torn up over Ami’s plight as well. According to an article from Blasting News, “The Alaskan Bush People confirm that Ami’s health condition — stage 4 lung cancer.” Although the family, nor the Discovery Channel, have not seemed to make an official statement as of yet, the condition of the family on this week’s show indicates Ami is extremely ill.

There are not too many people who wouldn’t agree that the members of the Brown brood are a bit odd as far as families go, because of their past lifestyle in Alaska’s bush. This family howls together, which is not a tradition practiced by many families. They have their own strange verbal accent and their schooling was all done at home, which is off the grid in Alaska.

These things made them different, but this lifestyle also bonded this family with the kind of love shared between family members not often seen demonstrated today. One of the saddest things heard coming out of this family’s horrific plight with Ami is when she tells Billy she is in so much pain that she can’t take it anymore. This had to be a big red flag for the family, as well as the fans of the show, because Ami is a woman who doesn’t know how to complain.

The Facebook page for the Alaskan Bush People show is full of posts from fans sending their love and prayers to this family. At one time the Browns were inundated with “fake show” tweets and posts, but since the reveal of Ami’s serious illness, which is reported as stage four cancer in a mass on her lung, those nasty comments have stopped. People appear to be respecting the fact that the family is going through a very sad time in their lives right now.

Some of the fans of the show have taken to the Alaskan Bush People’s Facebook page to urge the family not to abandon Browntown. Fans are making the case that Browntown is a place Ami loves and she wouldn’t want to see the family leave their home over her sickness. Nothing seems to be sinking in for Billy as his feelings of helplessness have almost frozen him in fear for his wife’s future.

Ami has raised her babies in the Alaskan bush. She slept nights with the entire family in a tent when the wind and snow outside were raising havoc, and the family was trying to stay warm. She’s weathered Billy’s sickness and his incarceration with one of their sons. She held the family together during those times Billy wasn’t there. Ami is a tough lady and when she confessed her pain was too much to bear, Billy told her the “good lord will take care of us, he always does.” He reminded Ami of the tough spots they’ve been in and conquered, but Ami was healthy and strong when fighting off the external forces working against the family back then; now it’s a fight from within.

When Ami confessed that her pain was too much to bear, it sent a surge of sadness through the fans as well as the family. Blasting News reports that when Ami told Billy the pain was unbearable, Billy tried his best to assure Ami that she will get through it. Ami is weak and in failing health, so it is not known if she has that fight in her today.

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