Tim Allen’s ‘Last Man Standing’ Was Not Picked Up By Fox Or CMT: Will Fans Keep Fighting [Opinion]

Tim Allen’s Last Man Standing was canceled by ABC despite stellar ratings. The show aired on Friday night which is considered one of the worst prime-time slots but still managed to attract 8.1 million viewers in the Live + 7 ratings according to Deadline Hollywood.

Tim Allen’s Last Man Standing was the third highest-rated program on ABC for total viewers. Only Grey’s Anatomy and Modern Family were getting higher ratings than Last Man Standing. For a Friday night time slot on ABC, that’s unheard of.

Fox shopped Last Man Standing to other networks including Fox and CMT but neither network took a stand for the Last Man Standing. Costs including Tim Allen’s salary was the main issue cited. Tim plans to return to stand-up comedy. Mr. Allen has already started booking gigs following the cancellation of Last Man Standing.

Last Man Standing with Tim Allen was a one-of-a-kind show, at least in this century. It featured strong Christian and conservative values. It poked fun at “Snowflakes” and the liberal agenda, but other than that, there was nothing on the show that would require extensive parental explanations unlike most of network programming. It was a safe show for children and those over 50.

Last Man Standing had no violence, explicit sex, or other difficult-to-explain issues. Tim Allen’s show was about an old-school Christian family man trying to make sense of the 21st century. It highlighted many of the situations that people in Tim Allen’s age bracket are confronted with, including grown children returning home with their own children and their own ideas.

Why Tim Allen’s Last Man Standing was canceled is a huge cause of debate. Conservatives feel that the show was canceled due to Tim Allen’s own conservatism and the conservative nature of Last Man Standing. ABC denies that, saying that they wanted to end comedy night on Fridays and replace it with another type of programming.

Tim Allen’s fans include a lot of manly men, points out AV Club. TV viewing among men has declined, but the Last Man Standing was in many ways the last stand for men.

“Being a manly man in today’s world is very difficult. Nobody listens to your rants, nobody respects your opinions, and when it canceled Last Man Standing, ABC cruelly took away the one TV show you could count on to present the world in a way that connects with your proud, conservative values.”

Tim Allen’s Last Man Standing was pulling ratings far higher than most of the other ABC comedies on Friday. This means people were changing the channel to see the Last Man Standing, then changing it to something else after. Apparently, 8.1 million people cared enough to make the effort to watch Last Man Standing, even though other ABC programs were not their cup of tea.

Last Man Standing with Tim Allen was owned and produced by 20th Century Fox but aired on ABC for six seasons. This was another issue that CBS cited, particularly the cost they were being charged to air the show.

Tim Allen of Last Man Standing

ABC Entertainment President Channing Dungey was asked if Tim Allen’s social and political views or Last Man Standing‘s conservative slant were an issue in the decision to cancel Last Man Standing. Dungey said that wasn’t the deciding factor, but revealingly didn’t say it was absolutely not a factor at all. Ms. Dungey was quoted in the Hollywood Reporter as saying, “I wouldn’t say that was the deciding factor,”

Tim Allen had expressed concerns that his views might cost him his job eventually. The Last Man Standing star raised a few eyebrows in the wake of his attendance to Trump’s inauguration when he compared Hollywood to Nazi Germany in the enforcement of their views. See the Jimmy Kimmel Live! clip above for Tim Allen’s comments.

Tim Allen of Last Man Standing

Last Man Standing fans circulated petitions for the Tim Allen show and his conservative values, one of which got 150,000 signatures, but it was all of no avail. Boycotts have been threatened, but now things have gone quiet. Will the manly men revolt, some with their wives and kiddies in tow? What will they do?

Last Man Standing is just another example of the intolerance for comedy in a politically correct world. Comedy is dying, but discontent is on the rise about it. Comedians are in distress, as everyone should be, not just about Tim Allen but for all the comedians who are being lost by the wayside. For more on the struggles of comedy, see this from the Inquisitr.


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Tim Allen’s Last Man Standing was a show that met the needs of a large demographic, but they aren’t likely to find another show like it on the networks.

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