Johnny Depp, Dave Chapelle, And Tim Allen: ‘Only Trying To Amuse’ So Why So Serious? [Opinion]

Johnny Depp, Dave Chapelle, and Tim Allen are all suffering for their sense of humor or their attempts at humor, and they aren’t the only ones. Reactions to humor are just so complicated by PC it is impossible for comedians to work, and those who aren’t pros have no chance. No one gets away with a bad joke, much less a good one.

Andrew Dice Clay, who was hilarious by the way, was blackballed over a decade ago. Dice Clay, loved to parody the chauvinists. Andrew’s chauvinist stage character, cast chauvinists in a much worse light than women, but some humorless folks started thinking his stage persona was serious, and that was the end of a brilliant career. For more on Andrew Dice Clay, see this from the Inquisitr.

Johnny Depp, who isn’t a stand-up comedian, tried to improvise a joke in response to a comment, but Depp got his foot in his mouth disastrously. Johnny was at Glastonbury, but in less than 24 hours Johnny Depp was being publically ridiculed all over the world.

Johnny Depp has apologized in a statement to People on Friday for a very poor choice of words.

“I apologize for the bad joke I attempted last night in poor taste about President Trump. It did not come out as intended, and I intended no malice. I was only trying to amuse, not to harm anyone.”

Johnny Depp doesn’t enjoy public speaking as himself. Johnny Depp can be Jack Sparrow all day long, but having to be himself, here in the 21st century isn’t Johnny’s forte. Who can blame Depp? This century isn’t any fun. Our society is cracking down on comedy. What could be more of a mark of a terrible society than that?

Dave Chappelle told a few jokes that landed very badly with some in the audience in his recent Netflix special, according to Complex. Frankly, some of that material wasn’t his best. Still, why get offended? Wouldn’t it be the stronger choice just to give Dave Chappelle a laugh? That’s all the man wants.

Tim Allen had a very successful TV show, but his humor was the wrong brand, or at least that is one theory. Now, there is no more Last Man Standing show on ABC.

Johnny Depp isn’t a professional stand-up comedian. Johnny Depp is an actor, just saying a few words before attempting to introduce his movie. Give Johnny Depp a break. It’s just words, and words he didn’t mean, so why ruin his career? Why use a hashtag like #FireDepp? Haven’t enough Americans lost their jobs already this century?

Tim Allen and Dave Chappelle are professional comedians and so is Andrew Dice Clay. At least Dice Clay would be if someone would hire him. These guys, despite having a lot more comedic experience than Johnny Depp, can’t get it right, either. Why? Because there is no right. There is quite possibly, absolutely nothing funny anyone can say anymore without offending someone.

Comedians like Dave Chappelle are refusing to perform on college campuses because they say the students have no sense of humor and get offended about every little thing. Even mild-mannered Jerry Seinfeld is quoted in The Wrap, speaking out against the PC wave that is destroying comedy and the right to laugh.

“I don’t play colleges, but I hear a lot of people tell me, ‘They’re so PC, [Young people] just want to use these words: ‘That’s racist;’ ‘That’s sexist;’ ‘That’s prejudice.’ … They don’t know what the h**l they’re talking about.”

Tim Allen of Last Man Standing

Johnny Depp said something wrong and he is sorry, it’s not what he meant at all. However, as Trevor Noah of the Daily Show explained in a quote from The Wrap, sometimes someone gets upset over nothing.

“We are in an age of faux outrage. Sometimes people don’t even know why they’re angry. They just jump on the bandwagon — they don’t even do the research. The most brilliant example of that for me was Patton Oswalt, who sent out a series of tweets apologizing for nothing — and people lambasted him for it.”

Dave Chappelle and Tim Allen tell jokes for a living. Jokes are good for people. Jokes make people think. That is the secondary byproduct of laughter. Laughing is a healthy show of a positive emotion. Laughter is like a reboot for the mind and medicine for the body. Sadly, people won’t take the medicine anymore.

Johnny Depp, Dave Chappelle, and Tim Allen were all just trying to get a laugh. God knows, the whole world needs a good laugh. But like that friend who hates to be cheered up when they want to be depressed, some people just do not want to stop being sour.

Tim Allen and Johnny Depp expressed opposite views in their jokes, yet both offended people. Dave Chappelle is simply trying to do his job, but again, everybody is offended.

Johnny Depp AKA Jack Sparrow and Hollywood Vampires member

Stand up comic Carlos Mencia explained to The Wrap that people in college needed to “grow up a little bit.”

“Look, this is the real world. If these are the things that are going to bother you, you need to grow up a little bit, I’m going to do ‘those’ [college-themed] jokes, but I’m also going to mix in a sense of truth that exists outside of this little microcosm of your university. I enjoy making people laugh outside of their comfort zone.”

Laughter gives strength, increased health and is good for mental health as well. Why do some people want to stop that from happening? Now people want to be protected from humor.


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Johnny Depp, Dave Chappelle, and Tim Allen are trying in their own way to get a laugh. Laughter is good, and a country that loses its sense of humor is in trouble, perhaps more than anyone cares to realize.

Johnny Depp, Dave Chappelle, and Tim Allen are just trying to get a laugh so why not give them what they want and laugh it off.

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