Noel Gallagher Explains Why Harry Styles Isn’t ‘Coked Up’ Even At Glastonbury: Is He Right? [Opinion]

Harry Styles isn’t getting “coked up” at Glastonbury because of the pressures of media and his record label, according to Noel Gallagher of Oasis. In a recent question and answer session, Gallagher was asked why today’s musicians are so much more “well behaved” than in the old days.

Noel Gallagher is quoted in NME, saying Harry Styles has to be good because people are watching. Back in the days when Oasis was popular, bands were free to do as they pleased.

“We were signed by the greatest record label [Creation] there ever was. Alan McGee [who signed Oasis to Creation] did not give a f**k whatsoever – we gave less of a f**k than him. Minus f**ks were given.”

Harry Styles, according to Noel Gallagher, is being deprived of fun because the previous generations partied to excess, and record companies saw the harm in it.

“I think bands like Oasis, Primal Scream, and The Verve – we might have ruined it. Because if your share price depends on us… well, then you can f**k off. Harry Styles isn’t going to be f**king coked up at Glastonbury. So we might have ruined it for the next generation.”

Noel Gallagher shouldn’t feel bad for Harry Styles. Previous generations of rockers did what they wanted, and so does Harry Styles. It is his decision. There are still plenty of people in the world who are high on cocaine, heroin, crack, Ecstasy and who knows what else. It isn’t as if there are no musicians getting wasted, or no young people on drugs, but Harry Styles doesn’t choose to.

Harry Styles, just like Noel Gallagher, chooses each day how he wants to live his life, what he wants to put in his body, and how he feels about what he is doing. Even back in the 70s, there were rumors that some rock stars weren’t into drugs. Admittedly, it was a rare thing, but it is alleged to have happened.

Noel Gallagher had choices, Noel made them, just like so many other rock stars. They had fun, and that was their right as human beings, maybe not under the law, but still, they lived as they wanted and a lot of great music was created in that atmosphere and climate. These guys are and should be judged by their music, not by their habits.

Harry Styles knows that cocaine is bad for people. That’s the real reason Styles isn’t “coked up.” Harry doesn’t use drugs. Harry does reportedly drink a little bit. Harry Styles does not drink all the time, though. Harry Styles is at the height of his career, and Styles is not about to get a habit he can’t quit.

Harry Styles is quoted on Yahoo! News explaining he feels the cleaner lifestyle is best for him.

“On the first couple of tours, it was so exciting as we’d have a drink and go to parties. But for me, the albums got higher so they become harder to sing so I knew if I didn’t come off stage and go to bed I wouldn’t be able to sing the next night.”

Harry Styles, unlike Noel Gallagher, wants to keep a clear head.

“Also, it’s just not for me. I’d rather wake up with a clear head. I’m not straight edge or anything – I’ll celebrate and hang out with friends when it’s the right time. But I like knowing I’m not going to be stressing about having to do something the next day.”

Does Noel Gallagher have regrets? Not from what Mr. Gallagher said, as quoted in NME.

“But f**k it, you know what I mean? You weren’t there.”

Harry Styles wasn’t there with Noel Gallagher, either; Harry was too young to remember, but a lot of people remember that time, and before, from similar places. There was a lot of creativity back then, but there was also a lot of talented young lives lost to drugs. People are dead because of those habits. Talented young musicians, gone before they reached their prime.

Harry Styles performs live onstage in a small venue

Harry Styles knows, just as Noel Gallagher does, life on the road is tough. Whether playing to stadiums or seedy bars, it’s the same deal. There are insane hours and no rhythm to life that makes sense. There’s sleeping on a tour bus all day, waking up in a strange city, then being thrust out on stage to sing all night. It’s a crazy life, as Harry Styles explains.

“It’s really hard to go from doing a show with thousands of people there to your hotel room — from being around people to nothing. After five years of doing that, I learned a lot about myself. There’s no textbook telling you how to go through that stuff.”

Harry Styles is talking about that moment, after a huge show, autographs, and being pumped up and giving so much to the audience, then it’s suddenly over. It would be best to eat and sleep, but who could just turn off that adrenalin enough to do that. Who knows when the opportunity to eat or sleep will arise to sleep again, though. A lot of stars fall into a pattern of substance abuse to relax after a show.

Harry Styles doesn’t choose to do that, but many if not most musicians do. It’s hard not to. It’s hard not to want something to quiet those nerves, and it is different for everyone. There is no instruction manual, as Harry Styles pointed out, but are drugs the answer?

Noel Gallagher doesn’t speak for Harry Styles. Noel Gallagher doesn’t speak for Jim Morrison of the Doors, John Bonham of Led Zeppelin, or Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones, either. These wonderful talented musicians can’t speak for themselves either because they died.

Harry Styles One Direction on the Today Show

Noel Gallagher doesn’t speak for so many other less famous bar band rock stars who succumbed to drugs, alcohol, intoxicated accidents or suicides. But neither can anyone else speak for them. What would they say about drugs and alcohol if they could?

Harry Styles, like every other human being on the planet, has to make up his own mind how to live his life, and Styles says he has chosen not to do drugs. Noel Gallagher made another choice and that’s OK for him to say.

Harry Styles takes his position as a role model very seriously. Harry Styles doesn’t want to lead his millions of fans astray or disappoint them. More than that though, Harry Styles doesn’t want to feel bad, and he doesn’t want to die.

Harry Styles, Noel Gallagher, Jim Morrison and Kurt Cobain wanted to be rock stars, but they were vastly different people. They each made different choices, many different choices that led to their outcomes in life. It’s not about judging others, or others judging musicians. That’s simply not fair. As Noel Gallagher says, “You weren’t there.” It has to be about deciding for one’s self.


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Harry Styles reportedly believes he can be artistically creative and get enough rest without the drugs, excessive drinking, and death, and that’s a goal worth supporting.

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