Nostradamus Prophecies For 2017 And Beyond [Opinion]

Nostradamus’ prophecies foretold of Hitler by name and location, calling him Hister, for the Hister river Hitler was born near, and thus missing the spelling of his name by one letter to create a play on words. Nostradamus in his cryptic quatrains described Hitler as the second of three antichrists. Ancient Code quotes the quatrains.

“Beasts ferocious with hunger will cross the rivers, The greater part of the battlefield will be against Hister. Into a cage of iron will the great one be drawn, When the child of Germany observes nothing.”

Nostradamus Quatrains predicted terror from the skies in 1999. Though the twin towers fell in 2001, that’s still pretty close, and calendar inaccuracies that have existed since the theoretical year one, coupled with a change in the calculation of new years since his time, may account for the relatively small error. The quote below comes from The Nostradamus Society of America.

“In the year 1999, in the seventh month,
from the sky will come the great King of Terror,
bringing back to life the great King of the Mongols.”

Nostradamus was a French visionary, astrologer, and physician who lived in the 1500s. A wise man, Nostradamus was one of the few physicians of his time who not only did not succumb to the plague despite continual exposure but also has at least a little success in curing it. According to the legend, Nostradamus treated the plague victims with pills made from rose petals and perhaps rose hips, a natural source of vitamin C.

Reference to Nostradamus’ treatment of the plague can be found in the children’s poem “Ring around the Rosy,” and also in the Catholic Rosary. Rosary beads are traditionally fashioned of compressed rose petals. These beads are essentially Nostradamus’ plague curing pills.

Nostradamus was also one of the few physicians of his time that saw any point in bathing or even washing one’s hands. Nostradamus survived the Plague, the Inquisition, and numerous hardships by his wits. Nostradamus danced on the edge of witchcraft accusations, just by being a scientist, but with some of his strange prophecies and other practices, it is a miracle he was not burned as a witch.

Nostradamus, it is believed, made his prophecies and predictions based on his visions coupled with astrology, then concealed them in a cryptic and poetic format known as the quatrains. The quatrains of Nostradamus were placed in random order to further obscure their meaning.

Nostradamus’ Quatrains can be purchased on Amazon, but the interpretation of Nostradamus’ quatrains is a fairly advanced skill due to his necessary cryptic style.

Nostradamus’ prophecies are very much up to interpretation and opinion, but there is evidence that somehow the writer of the quatrains saw the 21st Century.

Nostradamus Predicted That Someday Mankind Would Discover A Kinship With Pigs

“Pigs will become a brother to man,”

Pigs Hearts Are Nearly Identical to Human

Did Nostradamus, as a physician, foresee that doctors would someday implant a pig’s body parts into humans? Doctors have been using pig valves in failing human hearts for years. Genetic DNA experimentation may make pigs and man even more biologically similar as scientists use them for organ donors.

Nostradamus Predicts In The Quatrains The Fall Of The Wealthy

Many see this verse from the quatrains as a sign of an economic collapse, but it could simply mean that the elite will lose control of the fate of the world. Perhaps it means the fall of the world’s global elites.

“The rich shall die many times over.”

Nostradamus Prophecies Hinted At Solar Energy

Nostradamus’ dire prophecies for “the rich” could also have been speaking of what would happen if the world became energy independent, not needing fossil fuel anymore. Some experts believe the quatrains predicted a conversion to solar energy, perhaps using satellites to harvest the energy.

Italy’s Economic Problems Foreseen By Nostradamus In The Quatrains?

Nostradamus foresaw great economic trouble ahead for Italy during this time period, according to Express, though they do not specify which quatrain verse they are basing this on. It is certainly true that Italy is facing some major economic woes recently.

Nostradamus’ Prophesies Mention New York

New York City skyline Did Nostradamus see this?

Nostradamus was very in tune with Italy and Southern Europe as a whole, but the quatrain writer was also aware of New York City which he called the New City.

Nostradamus Quatrains Predict A “New Engine” That Translates Language Instantly

Do the quatrains also foretell the coming computers, the worldwide web, and translation software?

“After the invention of a new engine, the world will be like in the days before Babel.”

Nostradamus foresaw our time, with its flying machines and thus was able to word some of the quatrains’ predictions in such a way that it divides future predictions from those of the distant past. Here is one that refers to the current times in a general way that was quoted in Indy 100.

“Pestilences extinguished, the world becomes smaller,
for a long time, the lands will be inhabited peacefully.
People will travel safely through the sky (over) land and seas:
then wars will start up again.”

Nostradamus Quatrains Predict Zombies Coming Soon

Nostradamus speaks in the quatrains of the millennium in a very peculiar way that infers all those zombie movies could actually happen in real life. Either that or his abilities allowed him to view an episode of The Walking Dead. Whether zombies ever become real or not, they are certainly part of the millennial culture already.

“Not far from the age of the millennium, when there is no more room in Hell, the buried dead shall come out of their graves.”

Nostradamus Quatrains Speak of a Third and Final Antichrist

Everyone wants to know what Nostradamus said about the third antichrist. Nostradamus experts at The Nostradamus Society of America predict the following based on the quatrain. 5-54.

“The army of the third antichrist (an enemy of peace) will begin its trek towards Europe from a region between the Caspian and Black Seas. It appears that they will pass through Alania (southwestern Russia) and Armenia, then into Turkey (quatrain #5-54). From there they invade most all of Europe.”

Nostradamus foresaw three antichrists: Napoleon, Hitler, and a third who is yet to come. It is interesting that Turkey is the gateway to Europe from both the south and the east. For that reason, Turkey was selected and paid to screen the refugees coming from Syria and other middle eastern nations during the refugee crisis.

Nostradamus’ prophecies are, sadly, the easiest to recognize once they have happened. Still, it is amazing how many things virtually no one in his era could have easily imagined are stated in the quatrains. There are many which have yet to come to pass, such as the average lifespan increasing to 200 years. That may take quite a while.


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Nostradamus’ quatrains are fascinating and perhaps legitimate prophecies, an uncanny number of which have come to pass.

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