Carrie Fisher Is Gone, But Is Princess Leia Still Going To Let Girls Know The Force Is With Them? [Opinion]

Princess Leia of Star Wars was in many ways a pioneering character. Carrie Fisher portrayed a woman who stood for true equality. Leia was strong, beautiful, and in every way an equal to her brother, Luke.

Princess Leia came along before Sarah Connor broke bad in Terminator 2. Carrie Fisher’s Princess Leia was even a couple of years before Sigourney Weaver fought so valiantly in Alien. Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia was a very early role model for women and girls in the struggle to be treated as equals.

When Star Wars was released in 1977, it meant a lot of different things to a lot of different people, but to girls, Princess Leia was a promise that the future would not regress to the ways of the past. Of course, true to Princess Leia’s experience in Star Wars as well as Carrie Fisher’s, that may not happen without a struggle.

Finding An Original Copy Of The 1977 Star Wars

Seeing Princess Leia in the original 1977 version of Star Wars is a quest all its own. The classic Star Wars with Carrie Fisher is a struggle just to find thanks to George Lucas, who edited and changed the original film 20 years after Star Wars was made. By creating special editions and suppressing the old version, Lucas has done the equivalent of changing history for Star Wars fans.

It is impossible to find an original version complains a de-specializer known as Harmy. De-specializers work to recreate the old version of movies like Star Wars that have been changed and save the original for posterity. Harmy told the Atlantic how he felt about specializing Star Wars.

“If both versions were available in the same quality I would probably enjoy watching the special edition once in a while. It’s not about George Lucas not being able to do these special editions. If people like the special editing, they can continue watching those. As long as both versions are available.”

Carrie Fisher’s Princess Leia needs to be preserved. Star Wars in its vintage 1977 format needs to be preserved, says Save Star Wars, an organization seeking to preserve the original film, apart from remastering, refilming, and otherwise changing the classic film. What is George Lucas trying to hide in the original film?

Here is a quote from Save Star Wars website.

“In 1997, George Lucas refilmed, re-edited and redid many scenes for the Star Wars trilogy in a ‘Special Edition.’ Since then, Lucas has refused to have the original versions of the films be seen in high quality. All 35mm prints of the original versions have been recalled from circulation and confiscated, and the originals are no longer aired on television nor screened for special events. Lucas has stated that he would like the original versions to disappear and that once the existing VHS and Laserdisc releases deteriorate he hopes no one will even remember the originals existed.”

Carrie Fisher Should Be Remembered With Respect

Carrie Fisher who portrayed Princess Leia in the Star Wars films has passed away. The loss of Carrie Fisher was felt around the world, as a woman who portrayed such a powerful role model was now gone. To make it worse, an effort is being made to scandalize Fisher’s toxicology reports, but what people have in their bloodstreams at any given time should perhaps be their own business, despite the current practice.

Princess Leia portrayed by Carrie Fisher

Unless Carrie Fisher was poisoned — and so far no one is suggesting that she was — then releasing the analysis of the contents of her blood seems an invasion of privacy. It is legal, possibly even required, but perhaps it shouldn’t be anyone’s business what is in someone else’s blood, urine, or saliva. It seems to be an invasion of privacy in all cases for the living and the dead.

Carrie Fisher lived her life on her own terms, and she wrestled her own demons much the way Princess Leia fought in Star Wars. Carrie was brilliant, capable, and a masterful actress.

Carrie Fisher’s sister Joely Fisher told ET that her sister’s life was full of battles — battles she was always honest about.

“She spent a lifetime well documenting her dance with demons. It’s a shame we can’t hear her own words regaling us with this final kick line, Do not let this change the way you feel about my brilliant sister.”

Princess Leia and Carrie Fisher were both brilliant and realistic role models. Carrie had her share of battles, both on an off camera, but Fisher always reached for the stars and fought against the odds in both her role as Princess Leia and in her life as Carrie Fisher.

Star Wars Characters with George Lucas, Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamil

Carrie Fisher was an explorer of worlds, and as Princess Leia in Star Wars, she was a battle general. In all realms, Carrie knew how to fight. Carrie Fisher and Princess Leia inspired generations of women. Don’t let that inspiration be lost on the next generation of young women and girls.

Understanding Carrie Fisher’s Princess Leia

Carrie Fisher was “smarter about feminism than most women are now,” states Tor. Carrie Fisher is quoted in Tor explaining Princess Leia’s situation and attitude.

“[Princess Leia] has no friends, no family; her planet was blown up in seconds—along with her hairdresser—so all she has is a cause. From the first film, she was just a soldier, front line, and center. The only way they knew to make the character strong was to make her angry.”

Princess Leia was a female action hero, the first of her kind. Leia was brave, honorable, and defiant in the face of her enemies. The Star Wars Princess was angry, and she let women the world over know that it was alright for women to be angry and to fight back. Princess Leia was a fighter, like Carrie Fisher.

Star Wars Carrie Fisher was Princess Leia


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Carrie Fisher portrayed Princess Leia as a woman who was strong with the force. The princess of Star Wars had a powerful mind and spirit, as well as physical strength. Princess Leia was cunning, wise, and knew her battle strategies. Leia wasn’t a victim or a helpless individual at all, and neither was Carrie Fisher.

Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia in Star Wars and as herself lived on her own terms, spoke her mind, and was a strong role model for girls.

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