Burning Questions From ‘The White Princess’ — Answered [Part 1] [Opinion]

As fans await word on the fate of The White Princess and a possible green light from Starz for a second season, the official Twitter account for the series has been asking a lot of questions for its fans to sift through.

This fan will attempt to answer them. Feel free to share your thoughts on the answers in the comments section below. In part one of this two-part feature, four questions will be analyzed. You can read part 2 on the Inquisitr here.

So without further ado, let’s get down to the business of queens, kings, and princesses. We will begin with the first question posed on Twitter following The White Princess finale.

Burning Question No. 1

The White Princess‘ Twitter asked if Lady Margaret’s words influenced Lizzie’s ultimate decision. The words they are referring to are the ones Margaret (Michelle Fairley) spoke to Lizzie (Jodie Comer) early in the season finale. In the scene, Lizzie confronts Margaret about the murder of the boys in the tower, and the disappearance and likely murder of Cathy Gordon and The Boy’s son.

At first, Margaret appears stung by Lizzie’s condemnation. Then she retorts with her own, saying that Lizzie would be “appalled” by how far she would be willing to go for her children.

In the end, Lizzie goes the harrowing distance, executing her cousin Teddy and The Boy she pretty much confirms is her brother, Richard, during the finale. The words that seem to influence Lizzie the most are not actually the ones in the clip.

Rather, Margaret affirming to Lizzie that hers and her mother’s curse had no impact. The curse is a large part of why Lizzie had tried so desperately to avoid killing her brother.

Once Margaret relieves Lizzie’s conscience of the curse’s power, it appears to empower Lizzie to make the difficult decision to execute all the male Yorks left with a claim to the throne.

So did Margaret’s words influence Lizzie’s decision? Yes.

Burning Question No. 2

The answer to this Twitter question is in the eye of the beholder. For Lizzie, it was worth it. She absolutely spared her husband and, most likely, her sons. There will be more on that latter part in the second part of this feature.

If you are a York supporter, the bitter pill is that the Yorks not only lost the throne, but they also lost it at the hands of one of their own members, an obvious consequence of the marriage alliance between the Houses, which is one of the reasons it was done.

Once Lizzie had Henry’s child, the York dynasty was over. Further complicating matters for the Yorks was that Lizzie fell in love with Henry.

Burning Question No. 3

A second season of The White Princess would be the best way to answer this question. As of the finale, Lizzie seemed wistful, albeit resolute in her decision.

Since she considered her actions necessary to save her children, it seems unlikely she would ever express regret. White Princess showrunner Emma Frost told Collider that Lizzie believed it was either her sons and husband or her brother and cousin. One of the most exciting aspects of this question is the way it is posed.

Burning Question No. 4

This is a fun question. The most memorable Cecily moment was probably when she raged about how her wedding day was going.

Cecily was presented as a stereotypically self-obsessed princess and The White Princess brought that humorously to bear in one of the series’ lighter plot points.

That is all for now. Stay tuned to the Inquisitr for the second half of this two-part feature. In the second installment, the latest questions from The White Princess‘ Twitter page are answered.

They involve Team York vs. Team Tudor and whether Lizzie’s sons were actually in danger from The Boy. What are your answers to these questions, White Princess fans? Feel free to sound off in the comments section below.

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