‘Criminal Minds’ Casting: Daniel Henney To Replace Damon Gupton Who Tried To Replace Thomas Gibson [Opinion]

Criminal Minds casting has found another BAU agent after deciding SSA Stephen Walker (portrayed by Damon Gupton) wasn’t working out. Gupton was just one of the actors brought in due to the painful absence of Thomas Gibson and Shemar Moore in Season 12.

Daniel Henney, formerly of Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, is the latest addition to the cast of Criminal Minds. Daniel Henney will join veteran cast members Matthew Gray Gubler, Paget Brewster, A.J. Cook, Kirsten Vangsness, and Joe Mantegna, as well as Season 12 newcomers Adam Rodriguez and Aisha Tyler.

Criminal Minds went into a hiring frenzy during Season 12 following the departure of Shemar Moore and the dismissal of Thomas Gibson. Paget Brewster returned full time, to reprise her role as Emily Prentiss. Adam Rodriguez was brought on board in the role of Luke Alvez. Damon Gupton was brought in mid-season, as Stephen Walker.

Daniel Henney of Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders has been chosen to be the sole survivor of the failed spin-off, according to TV Guide. Matthew Simmons (portrayed by Daniel Henney) will join the BAU for Season 13. Although Beyond Borders was canceled, the networks were not ready to let go of Daniel Henney.

Criminal Minds was and apparently still is searching for someone to replace Thomas Gibson and Shemar Moore. The departure of both Thomas Gibson and Shemar Moore left an enormous hole in the cast and the plot. It seems unlikely that any actor or group of actors could begin to fill those shoes.

Fans at #NoHotchNoWatch continue to protest the dismissal of Thomas Gibson from Criminal Minds. Thomas Gibson might be still available, so perhaps CBS should give him a call.

Criminal Minds Season 12 suffered the lowest ratings by far in all its 12 seasons. Ratings plummetted when CBS and ABC decided to dismiss Thomas Gibson. Coupled with the departure of Shemar Moore, the show’s fan base took a deep cut.

Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders was canceled after two seasons, but CBS thought their relationship with Daniel Henney was worth salvaging, much as they had picked up Shemar Moore for a new pilot and potential series S.W.A.T., in which Shemar has been cast in the starring role. Moore will be busy with S.W.A.T., but perhaps he can pop by for another cameo visit.

Shemar Moore formerly of Criminal Minds and SWAT

Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders star Daniel Henney has already appeared on Criminal Minds twice, according to the International Business Times. Hanny first appeared in 2015, when CBS first rolled out Beyond Borders.

Daniel Henney’s most recent appearance on Criminal Minds was in a February episode of Season 12 when his character Matthew Simmons assisted in the release of Matthew Gray Gubler’s character Dr. Spencer Reid.

Now, Daniel Henney has been promoted to a series regular. Additionally, the International Business Times reports that Daniel Henney’s role in Season 13 will be huge.

Thomas Gibson and Matthew Gray Gubler of Criminal Minds

Criminal Minds’ Matthew Gray Gubler carried much of Season 12, as the writers devised one tormenting horror after another for his character Dr. Spencer Reid. Criminal Minds rode on the back of Gubler’s tremendous dramatic acting abilities in Season 12, as Reid’s mother became even more mentally ill, and then Reid was framed for murder and went to prison.


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Perhaps Criminal Minds will give Matthew Gray Gubler a well-deserved rest in Season 13 and have Daniel Henney’s Matthew Simmons suffer immeasurably in the name of keeping Criminal Minds alive for another season.

In Season 12, Matthew Gray Gubler as Spencer Reid was called away from BAU duties repeatedly to play out various gut-wrenching personal tragedies. In Season 13 perhaps that could be Daniel Henney’s job. Is that what a huge role has come to mean? Is torturing their eye candy actors the only way writers can save Criminal Minds?

Criminal Minds continues to flounder without Thomas Gibson and Shemar Moore, but now they have Daniel Henney, saved from the flames of the Beyond Borders disaster, to help them.

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