Johnny Depp’s Spending: What Others Are Not Reporting [Opinion]

Johnny Depp’s spending is being called into question. TMG is confusing business expenses with personal expenses and his investments are being reported as waste. While people have every right to spend their own money as they see fit, there is nothing eccentric about Depp’s spending.

Johnny Depp’s spending is being made to look silly and foolish, but in fact, there are logical explanations for all of it. The greater part of the confusion has been what appears to be a deliberate attempt to misrepresent Mr. Depp.

Johnny Depp makes an incredible amount of money, but it needs to be considered that his jobs also come with a substantial amount of business expenses. When an actor shoots films on location he has to have somewhere to live. When he promotes a film he has to travel a lot.

Johnny Depp would be considered even more eccentric if he boarded at the nearest Econo Lodge when traveling or lived in a van down by the river when filming on location. He’s not doing anything that isn’t expected of someone in his position.

While Johnny Depp’s detractors, including TMG, with whom he currently engaged in a lawsuit with, are having great fun making Depp out to be some sort of eccentric idiot, spending all his money wastefully, there is no reason to think any of that is true. It hasn’t been proven, and much of it has been disproven. No one even knows for sure if the Jack Sparrow actor actually has financial difficulties, other than those caused by TMG.

Johnny Depp has neither confirmed nor denied that he is spending $2 million a month, and it may be an exaggeration. Still, even if so, the greater portion of that spending could easily be considered a business expense under IRS tax laws. Was TMG advising Mr. Depp on taking advantage of those tax breaks? Perhaps not, since they are now making fun of this spending as extravagant.

Johnny Depp is owner and CEO of a film production company known as Infinitum Nihil, which he founded in 2004. The company produced Dark Shadows, The Rum Diary, Hugo, The Lone Ranger, and Mortdecai. Their current movie project is Richard Says Goodbye.

Richard Says Goodbye will be a cooperative effort between Infinitum Nihil and IM Global. Infinitum Nihil has a number of projects in development as usual.

While TMG mentioned that Johnny Depp had about 30 employees, and his sister had equal access to his funds, they did not mention that Johnny’s sister Christi Dembrowski and Sam Sakar are co-founders of Infinitum Nihil and if Christi was getting money from Johnny’s TMG account it was likely for expenses at Infinitum Nihil.

If Johnny Depp owns an earpiece, as reported by TMG, that has not been confirmed. Still, if Depp does own such a device, it is likely to be used in connection with Infinitum Nihil’s production crew, not someone feeding Johnny lines.

Johnny Depp of Pirates of the Caribbean

Brenton Thwaites assures fans that Johnny Depp doesn’t need his lines fed to him. Brenton who worked with Depp on Pirates of the Caribbean 5 says that the veteran actor ad-libs quite a bit, and he doesn’t need anyone to tell him how to be Jack Sparrow according to Stuff.

“Johnny’s so used to playing this character, he’s done it for five years. From watching him, he tends to slot in and out easily. He knows this, it’s just him,”

While there are over 10,000 articles about Johnny Depp spending his money wastefully and using an earpiece to prompt him on his lines, it would certainly suggest a need for journalists to consider the source. TMG is involved in a lawsuit with Mr. Depp so what TMG has released should be questioned, especially since much of it has already been debunked.

Johnny Depp also owns a private jet, but he has to travel a lot. In the last two weeks alone he’s been to Tahiti, Japan at least twice, England, and Los Angeles, and that may not be all. All those trips except Tahiti were business trips. He needs his own jet in order to stay as productive as he is. Johnny made at least seven movies this year and has plans to do more.

Johnny Depp isn’t just an actor, he’s also a musician, a businessman, and the CEO of his own company. It costs money to produce movies, play guitar on a professional level, and to run a business. It is also expensive to fly all over the world promoting that many films.

Johnny Depp of Hollywood vampires

It isn’t as if Johnny Depp is sitting at home and spending $2 million a month on bonbons. Johnny is working and there are expenses, especially in running a production company. Depp has to make payroll, buy various equipment and hire other actors.

Johnny Depp also has a lot of friends in music, movies, and other fields. Johnny, not only networks, he cares about people he has met in the course of his work. Johnny has helped a few people out financially.

Johnny Depp also entertains guests occasionally and he is a gracious host. Since most of these people are in the same business he is, namely music and movies, that is a business expense, not a luxury. It is expected from someone in his position.


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