Did LeBron James’ Game 5 Against Golden State Warriors End As A ‘Realistic’ Version Of ‘Space Jam?’ [Opinion] [Opinion]

Since the initial shock of LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers losing in Game 5 of the NBA Finals 2017 against the Golden State Warriors has subsided, perhaps it is time to look at that game from a different perspective.

Heading into Game 5, the odds were clearly against “King James” and the Cavaliers, especially since they were already down in the series 3-1. Fans and critics first thought that the Warriors were going to sweep the Cavaliers in the series based on the impressive performances that Durant, Curry, Thompson, and Green were presenting throughout the first three games of the series.

However, in Game 4, LeBron James and the gang fought for survival, lighting a fire of expectation that had many sports fans thinking that they were perhaps on a trail of repeating the same epic comeback that sent a championship parade to Cleveland, Ohio, last summer. Walking away with a victory, all eyes were on what took place quarter after quarter in Game 5. Even though it was a very close game, it was clear that the Warriors were determined to end the series right then and there, erasing all possibilities of a Game 6 from the minds of the hopeful Cavs fans both in the stands and those watching the game on television screens and mobile devices.

As Kevin Durant delivered his emotional speech after receiving his first NBA Finals MVP award, fans were reminded of the cinematic comparisons made between the NBA Finals and the popular film Space Jam, especially when you consider the “out-of-this-world” odds that the original NBA legend wearing jersey No. 23 faced with an ensemble of Looney Tunes by his side to form the Tune Squad.

After the Cavaliers faced defeat in Games 1, 2, and 3, the memes and comments on social media kept ringing the Space Jam comparison bell, putting the powerful Warriors’ starting lineup on the same pedestal as the animated Monstars that the Tune Squad had to face in the movie.

It is well-known that Space Jam was just a movie. Animated aliens would never come to Earth, rob skills and talents from popular NBA stars to play an epic, high-stakes basketball game against a retired NBA legend who decides to assist an army of animated icons. However, what if they did?

Humoring the idea that such a story could happen in real life, there is no way that Michael Jordan and the Tune Squad would have won that game against the Monstars. The Monstars were fully equipped with the skills and talents of first-class NBA stars (including past and future NBA Hall of Famers). Perhaps the only Tune Squad team member who had a substantial amount of balling skills (besides Michael Jordan) was Babs Bunny.

With a “realistic” ending, Space Jam would have probably ended the same way that the 2017 NBA Finals ended. Initially, the Monstars would have wiped the floor clean with the Tune Squad, just as the Warriors did against the Cavs in Games 1-3. Michael Jordan would have ambitiously worked his way toward shifting the momentum back in favor of his team, just like LeBron James and the Cavaliers did in Game 4. However, before it was all said and done, the Monstars would have walked away victorious, forcing Jordan and the rest of the Tune Squad to face the consequences.

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