OnePlus 5 No Longer A Flagship Killer? Samsung Galaxy S8 Still Reigns In Terms Of Design [Opinion]

The OnePlus 5’s reveal is only a few days away, but almost every detail has already been revealed ahead of its launch. It was previously thought that the entirety of the flagship will be unveiled during the event, but an Indian ad beat the company to it. Now that the full design has been showcased, it does not look at all impressive compared to the leading Android smartphone today, the Samsung Galaxy S8.

Previously, OnePlus only showed the top half of the OnePlus 5’s backside, leaving the other parts a mystery to fans. Because smartphones nowadays, particularly the flagships, are adopting bezel-less displays, the Chinese smartphone is also expected to do so.

But in the latest report by the Inquisitr, it turns out that there is not much change in design from the OnePlus 3, the OnePlus 5’s predecessor. The oval physical home button is still there. The bezels seem to be thinner than the past handsets, yet the top and bottom bezels are still larger than what is expected of flagship phones in 2017.

Although it is too early to judge the design without seeing the actual product, some fans are already disappointed with what they are currently seeing, especially since the Samsung Galaxy S8 set such a high standard for succeeding phones.

The Samsung Galaxy S8’s Infinity Display wowed consumers. Many reports and critics named it as the most beautiful smartphone to date, so other flagships will have a harder time than usual beating the currently leading Android phone.

Now that the OnePlus 5 has been revealed to be behind the Galaxy S8 in terms of design, its nickname “flagship killer” might not be fitting anymore, especially since the iPhone 8 is looking good so far with even thinner bezels than Samsung’s flagship.

The back of the OnePlus flagship is also a disappointment to buyers. Android Authority has described it to be a step backward. On top of shamelessly ripping off the iPhone 7 Plus’ design, it also still borrows blueprints from the Oppo R11, a product from its sister company. The leaked case even supposedly fits the R11.

For a growing company that is already internationally recognized as a serious challenger to big brands like Samsung and Apple, OnePlus could at least make its own design without relying on Oppo or the most popular smartphones right now.

Still, what made the OnePlus handsets earn the “flagship killer” nickname in the first place are the specs and price, both of which are still competitive against the Galaxy S8 and the iPhone 8. The OnePlus 5’s design might turn off some potential buyers, but a high-end phone for a mid-range price is hard to ignore.

[Featured Image by Esa Riutta/Shutterstock]