The Rise Of Partisan Violence And Political Extremism [Opinion]

Is an increase in extremism from both sides of the partisan aisle in part or whole to blame for the rise in politically motivated violence? From Antifa violence, vandalism and assaults to protests and counter-protests devolving into riots, up to murder and attempted murder, the increasing polarization between the left and right continues to grow as quickly as the violent events themselves escalate.

After the shooting incident in Alexandria, even NPR was forced to ask the question, “Is Left Wing Violence on the Rise?”

“This is a dangerous game; people are going to die. No one’s died yet, but it’s just a matter of time.” – J.J. McNabb, political extremism expert, George Washington University.

In the case of the Alexandria shooting, the assailant asked if the players on the field were Republican or Democrat before opening fire.

Racial and cultural divisions that have grown and festered over the past few years have, as of late, become a powder keg. Polarization, division and disenfranchisement from both right and left are now resulting in situations like that of the Berkeley Professor Eric Clanton who was apprehended after bludgeoning a peaceful protester with a bike lock.

berkeley attack antifa Eric Clanton bike lock

Online harassment and death threats have become de riguer. Organized gang-stalking like that experienced by Jason Kessler are also on the rise. Kessler had his freelance arrangement with the Daily Caller terminated after he was accused of supposed white supremacist sympathies for attending and speaking at a Heritage March in Charleston. Some specific instances of a continued disruption of his life and routine were documented by Kessler for his Youtube channel. Attorney, Jeff Fogel, was arrested for assault after an incident Kessler managed to capture while being harassed trying to have dinner at Miller’s Pub in Charleston.

Canadian news commentator Lauren Southern of Rebel Media was doused in urine recently. Just the latest attack on her person. She and Cassandra Fairbanks were cornered and pelted with eggs at the Trump inauguration. Cassandra has received threats against her and her 6-year-old daughter’s life.

Cassandra Fairbanks antifa

The racially-based stabbing murder in Portland and the case of a young man in Florida who adopted Islamic extremism and killed members of the neo-nazi group Atom Waffen which he had previously allied himself with. These are just two recent examples of a disturbing trend in the rise of extremist violence and if things continue as is unchecked, certain to not be the last.

[Featured Image by Scott Olsen/Getty Images]