Are The Producers Of ‘Married at First Sight’ Sabotaging Anthony And Ashley? [Opinion]

One of the best hooks of reality TV is the fact that contestants could react to developments on the show like real, everyday people. In Married at First Sight, this is exactly what happens, especially when the newlywed couples encounter problems for the first time. During the past couple of weeks, however, it almost seems like the hit reality TV show has been intentionally making it more difficult for some of this season’s MAFS contestants, and it has been noticed by viewers and avid fans of the show.

Among this season’s couples, Anthony D’amico and Ashley Petta are among the most stable. They had a pretty awesome honeymoon, and the two have settled in quite well to the married life since then. Though they had some problems with the idea of Ashley adopting Anthony’s last name (which, according to Ashley, was partly a feminist issue), the two have gotten along for the most part. Just weeks into their married life, the couple was already seen discussing children, and neither has reacted negatively to it.

Overall, Anthony and Ashley have pretty much shown viewers that they really are into each other, and this is evident even in their individual interviews. During the past couple of weeks, however, something very interesting happened, as one of the show’s therapists, Rachel DeAlto, seemed to have thrown a wrench into the budding relationship of the newlywed couple.

This interference from DeAlto started in Married at First Sight Season 5 Episode 8, and it has adversely affected the couple, especially Ashley, ever since. In an individual interview on Episode 8, DeAlto practically insinuated that Anthony was probably unhappy with some aspects of their relationship, despite him not showing any outward signs of discontent. Considering that Ashley is pretty much a nervous wreck at times, her reaction was considerably negative.

Of course, DeAlto’s statements to Ashley could also be translated to the expert advising the newlywed not to rely too much on her husband, as stated by numerous fans in online forums such as Reddit. Despite this, however, it was evident from her conversation with the expert that Ashley was quite shaken after her encounter.

Since then, Ashley’s issues have gotten more apparent onscreen, and last week, she completely ditched her husband for work without saying any word. Her behavior, if any, is not really in line with Ashley’s character in the first weeks of their marriage. She might have shown insecurities before, but after her conversation with DeAlto, her issues have practically gone through the roof, making her act insecure and overly needy.

While it is understandable that reality TV needs some drama to be compelling, the apparent interference that the producers are giving Ashley and Anthony seem to be a bit too much. The couple, after all, has shown that they are both willing to work on things as a married pair. They have figured things out on their own well enough. Thus, it seems best if the experts on the show, as well as the Married at First Sight producers, could just leave them be and simply document their growth as a newlywed couple.

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